Friday, 2 September 2011

A knighting (shining armour) we shall go...!

Now I know that working with kids,
and having 2 scrummy boys of my own
I'm a very lucky girl.
(some of you may think otherwise, hee hee!)

I also know that I can enjoy whatever exciting adventures my
boys are into just as much as they do,
even though I believe I'm supposed to be the grown up.

We've gone through many 'crazes' in what feels like a very short
time I've been a Mummy.
Trains being one...
Dinosaurs being another...
then there was the refusing to go out of the house without a painted on
 black nose and whiskers...
oh, and the removing all your clothes no matter where you are craze too!

But an ongoing craze for my pair has been


Oh DO I love this craze.

A visit round a regular haunt of ours, Beaumaris castle, last month was
apparently, when we discovered there was a medieval weekend on at the time.

Watch out Jacob, there's a Knight sneaking up behind you!

Finn gained lots of battling tips from
REAL Knights in the displays.

So when we piled in the car and chugged up the motorway a short while
to CAMELOT the other day, a great day out was indeed in store for us.

Even when the boys have fancied a bit of baking
we've had to involve a couple of jousters!
(and ants! Ugh! BOYS!!)

I've got in on the action too and
thoroughly enjoyed painting a giant
dragon for a school display last term
(sorry for the dull photo!)
Which my boys are very jealous about and
want it on display in our house for them to 'Slay!'
(she's too cute for slaying I tell them)

So this brings me round to telling you of my new chap!

Yes folks, I do have a new man in my life...

I'd like to introduce to you

Sir Ulrich Von Lichtenstein of Gelderland
(a stolen photo eek! Sorry)


I have been totally addicted to watching 'Ulrich'
as often as possible lately, he's soooo scrummy.

If you've never watched
'A Knights Tale'
click HERE and have a peep at him in action.

So Lords and Ladies,
I bid you farewell....

Until the next time!

Thank you for reading.

Love Claire. X

(RIP Heath Ledger,
a most handsome and very talented actor if ever I saw one)

Didn't we have a luverrrly time, the day we went to Bangor....!

Well, if I'm honest it was further than Bangor, it was actually Anglesey,
but we did have a lovely time the day we drove through Bangor in North Wales
for us to get to our final destination.

I'm not sure if you're actually allowed to drive over the Menai bridge with
a caravan hitched on the back but we did!  Then back home
over the Britannia Bridge with her...just because I can, hee hee!

Now if I'm really honest with you it wasn't lovely driving
through Bangor that day, or any of the journey as it was awful weather
and the spray off the roads was dreadful, the high winds were so scary
as Mabel rocked around behind us, and I even had to pull over and stop at
one point as I couldn't see past the end of the bonnet it was all so bad.
But we found our campsite and was shown to our pitch...right on top of a huge hill!!

Would you like to see our view...?

Beautiful, unspoilt beach of Lligwy Bay.
Every morning of our 10 day stay we woke up to this
fabulous view!

The boys enjoyed playing next to our little caravan
and watching them with this backdrop was breathtaking.

We walked down (and up!) to this beach everyday,
and we played and played, whatever the weather!
....and we had a right mixed bag of it, some days so very hot,
and others so very dramatic and wet, but we made a promise to ourselves
that we would get to the beach every single day, and we did.

Finn is showing off how easy kite flying  on that one,
whilst Jacob was burying my feet!

They were such good boys,
amazing what sea air and acres of space does for them.

A day trip over to Caernarfon one day and a few goes on the fairground rides,
and back to the beach for a quick spot of this!

Plus lots of this.
(crabbing for those of you who may be wondering)

Now I haven't mentioned one particular boy up to now,
who seemed to have more fun than everyone put together on this holiday...

Basil had a great time!
Lligwy Bay welcome dogs and their well behaved owners.
(I guess that was me then, hee hee)
Owning a Labrador you soon get used to the fact that if there's water
they'll seek it out and dive in it!  Puddles, ponds, rivers and canals.
That boy swam and he SWAM in that sea every single day,
and was so well behaved he made me beam with pride.
Oh, maybe not the moment he pinched a little girls rubber ring
and ran and ran around the packed beach with it stuck round his neck
making everyone laugh!
Or maybe not the time he let himself out of Mabel and went to
visit another campers BBQ and waited patiently for a sausage!
Or how about the day that he ate so much sand and seaweed that he groaned
and moaned all night with a belly ache?
Oh we do love that daft doggy!

So, there you have it.

Another successful outing to add to the list,
along with,
towing on motorways,
towing over exciting bridges,
and towing in extreme weather conditions.

There's no stopping me now!

Thank you for reading today.

Take care now.

Love Claire. X

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Introducing Mabel...

Well here she is, my new 'old' girl.

I'm totally smitten with her,
and after spending a night in her recently
my boys and I know we've made the right decision.

Thank you for all writing such lovely comments
about my caravans in my last post,
and although I always try to send you back a
personal little email I couldn't for some of you
as your addresses aren't linked to your comments/blog
(or something or other) so please let me give a huge thank you
for all your encouragment.

Anyhow, lets get to the eye candy!

Here she is at

Strawberry Wood!
(cute name for a campsite eh?)

Her cute little door, with it's proper little door handle,
of course she had to have a special little key ring
from Aunty Cath's shop!

Always open for friends bearing cake.

Take a pew, on the sofa.
AKA Finn's bed.

 Never one for muted colours me.

The kettles on Love!

Check out 'Dudley' our dinky stove.
All original and still working.

Even the chores are a pleasure!

Not being able to make my mind up,
my boys helped with the fabric choices.
I was keen to have Cath's prints in Mabel,
and I saved up hard.  Anyhow, the boys wanted boats,
Mummy wanted flowers, so we met half way
and had both.
Each end having different curtains.

Well I hope you enjoyed yourselves having a peep.

She's a very special girl is old Mabel.
SPRITE caravans were the ordinary folks holiday home on wheels,
compared with other expensive coach built caravans
at the time. Many were made and they're
fairly plain and simple as caravans go.
But I have it on good authority
that old Mabey Baby is very rare indeed.
She was built in 1963 and there are few, if any,
Sprite Alpines (her official title) from that year left.
She's appeared in a caravan monthly magazine
already I believe.

Just think, that Mabel could be in this line up
of shiny new models back in the early 60's!

Well I think she's as good looking today,
as she was back on the Sprite Alpine production line.
I hope you agree.

Thank you for letting me share her.
Our next stop by the way, is Anglesey next week!
If it rains or shines we'll be happy and cosy in our little house on wheels.

Love Claire. x

Sunday, 3 July 2011

RAHHHHhhhhhh!!! Did I make you jump?

Well I have no idea how long it's been
since I saw you last, but I thought I'd
best fill you in on all what's been happening
over at my place.

Last time, if I'm not mistaken,
I left you in suspenders about how
our first trip with Sindy had gone,

it was fantastic!

There was nothing to worry about regarding
the towing, and it's so easy we've been out
3 times in her since we last spoke.

I'm so sorry I'm such a naughty blogger,
but you know how it is.
Anyhow, here are lots of
pics to keep you up to speed.

Remember the vintage picnic basket?
Well here it is in LEEK on our
first trip.  Only 10 minutes up the road.

He enjoyed himself.

...and him!

Because of these being welcome at this site...

This guy also had a fab time!

So, after a successful first trip out,
no sooner had we got home and we were off out again.

This time to Bakewell.

I soon came to realise that she stood out from the crowd
(what crowd?!)
But when you're in a field with several other caravans
all looking the same sort of white box types,
well she started to gain a bit of fan base.
Keeping her tidy became a worry for me,
knowing folk would peep in at her and
several have asked to look inside!

Sorry there aren't any photos of beautiful
Bakewell, but it's one of my favourite places
and I'm sure I'll visit again so I promise to post more then.

Anyhow, look at this pic,
my boys even enjoyed a bit of
colouring in!
Unheard of for my rough and tumble lads.

Comfy cosy in his little hammock bunk bed!

Next, we went to an even closer site
with the cute name of
'Strawberry Woods'
This was our closest visit to home yet,
at only a few mins drive up the road!
(yet to brave motorways, have you noticed?)

Very beautiful!
Extremely peaceful,
and we'll definitely be back here again too.

We enjoyed a bit of this...

All on site, and all free.

We were allowed one of these,
which seemed to hipnotise Finn and Jacob.

...and now this!

Now please don't grumble but that last photo
is one of Sindy in her NEW HOME!!!

Yes, Sindy is no longer with us.
A very tricky choice to make for me,
as she's been a star teaching us all about retro caravanning.
But all along I have wanted a proper OLD
caravan.  Something vintage.  A girl I can take
to vintage rallies and show off.

So Sindy found herself on the market and
within days I had so many people wanting to
view her it all became a bit worrying.

But I'm pleased to say that she's found herself
a lovely owner who will love her just as I have
and she can begin again teaching her how to do it all.

that just leaves me to introduce the new girl on the block!


My new OLD girl.

A 1963 Sprite Alpine.

Sindy too was a Sprite Alpine but at a mere 30 years young,
she had a few more miles to go before she was
truly vintage.

I think that's enough for today,
but I can't wait to tell you more about Mabel
and her makeover.

Thank you for reading and
hopefully forgiving my lack of
visits to Blogsville.

Claire. x

Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Patchwork Cowboy!

Tomorrow shall see our first trip away in our
Little Sindy Caravan!

Not too far away and nowhere exotic,
just enough to get away from the norm
and somewhere I can build my confidence up
with towing her.

I just thought you may like to see my latest
make for her.

Some patchwork curtains
for the little stable door.



I quite enjoyed making the patchwork,
something I've never done before.
It's not perfect but I'm loving
the Holly Hobbie effect.

Anyhow, this evening
I just fancied a little bit of window shopping
over at 'Cath's Gaff' what with her 15% off day.
But I've had to come out of there!

With my endless supply of imaginary money my
bag was over flowing.

I know a lovely place where a couple of these
would be perfect!

Along with...

...3 of them actually,
with a few more of these...

Of course I'm talking about in
my little caravan.

Whilst using the above
we'd definitely need one of these to
sit on...
But then you can't have a camping
holiday without a good pack of playing cards
can you?

But seriously,
I would love to be able to buy lots of
Cath Kidston, but I feel a little queasy now,
a sort of 'Cowboy Overload!'

Plus I'm poor!

How is a girl supposed to be
able to afford this beauty?

Especially as it's £145!!!

Good job I bought an almost identical one
in my favourite charity shop last week.

A bit of scrap oil cloth for lining it and I'm sure
mine is far better.
Well, for the £4 I spent on it I'd say so.

It's all loaded up with scrummy things
and tucked up in Sindy for our weekend away.

Wish me luck everyone.
I'll need it!!!!

Love Claire. x

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A friend who came to stay....

We came home one evening to find a new friend on the doorstep!

Some of you may of heard of him...

'Herman Friendship Cake'

Friendship Cake
1 cup of greetings
1/2 cups of smiles
1 large hug
2/3 cup of love
1 tsp of sympathy
2 cups of hospitality

Preparation of Cake
Cream greetings and smiles thoroughly.
Add hug separately.
Slowly stir in love.
Sift sympathy and hospitality and fold in
Bake in warm heart.
Serve often.

He was actually left for Finn by one of his friends,
so I let him take charge of him for the 10 days you
need to keep him for.

(not sure if those hands were washed first,
but I'm sure living in this house you soon
become hardened to a little grubbiness)

After pouring him into a large mixing bowl
you need to leave him until the next day,

Then you stir him,
and then leave him, again.

After a few days he gets hungry,
so you need to feed him with some
basic ingredients,
and then leave him, again!

After 10 days of him growing
and bubbling, stiring and feeding,
you divide him up,
pass on to friends 3 of the 4 parts
you have divided him in to.

And then you add a few more goodies to the bit you kept
and bake him, and of course you then eat him!

I've not been lucky enough to sit long enough to eat
any of him yet, but from what I gather from
the gruesome twosome,
Herman tastes quite delish!

Finn didn't even know I had added
grated apple and cinnamon to the mixture,
and he didn't mind picking out some of the sultanas
I sneaked in there. RESULT!

So, I hope you won't mind if
I excuse myself and settle down
with a lovely mug of hot tea and a huge hunk of Herman.

Love Claire. x

P.S.  How good it would be if I could post Herman to you...?

If you have never been lucky enough to be passed a piece of
Herman to care for don't worry, you can start your own off
by following the instructions here.