Sunday, 3 July 2011

RAHHHHhhhhhh!!! Did I make you jump?

Well I have no idea how long it's been
since I saw you last, but I thought I'd
best fill you in on all what's been happening
over at my place.

Last time, if I'm not mistaken,
I left you in suspenders about how
our first trip with Sindy had gone,

it was fantastic!

There was nothing to worry about regarding
the towing, and it's so easy we've been out
3 times in her since we last spoke.

I'm so sorry I'm such a naughty blogger,
but you know how it is.
Anyhow, here are lots of
pics to keep you up to speed.

Remember the vintage picnic basket?
Well here it is in LEEK on our
first trip.  Only 10 minutes up the road.

He enjoyed himself.

...and him!

Because of these being welcome at this site...

This guy also had a fab time!

So, after a successful first trip out,
no sooner had we got home and we were off out again.

This time to Bakewell.

I soon came to realise that she stood out from the crowd
(what crowd?!)
But when you're in a field with several other caravans
all looking the same sort of white box types,
well she started to gain a bit of fan base.
Keeping her tidy became a worry for me,
knowing folk would peep in at her and
several have asked to look inside!

Sorry there aren't any photos of beautiful
Bakewell, but it's one of my favourite places
and I'm sure I'll visit again so I promise to post more then.

Anyhow, look at this pic,
my boys even enjoyed a bit of
colouring in!
Unheard of for my rough and tumble lads.

Comfy cosy in his little hammock bunk bed!

Next, we went to an even closer site
with the cute name of
'Strawberry Woods'
This was our closest visit to home yet,
at only a few mins drive up the road!
(yet to brave motorways, have you noticed?)

Very beautiful!
Extremely peaceful,
and we'll definitely be back here again too.

We enjoyed a bit of this...

All on site, and all free.

We were allowed one of these,
which seemed to hipnotise Finn and Jacob.

...and now this!

Now please don't grumble but that last photo
is one of Sindy in her NEW HOME!!!

Yes, Sindy is no longer with us.
A very tricky choice to make for me,
as she's been a star teaching us all about retro caravanning.
But all along I have wanted a proper OLD
caravan.  Something vintage.  A girl I can take
to vintage rallies and show off.

So Sindy found herself on the market and
within days I had so many people wanting to
view her it all became a bit worrying.

But I'm pleased to say that she's found herself
a lovely owner who will love her just as I have
and she can begin again teaching her how to do it all.

that just leaves me to introduce the new girl on the block!


My new OLD girl.

A 1963 Sprite Alpine.

Sindy too was a Sprite Alpine but at a mere 30 years young,
she had a few more miles to go before she was
truly vintage.

I think that's enough for today,
but I can't wait to tell you more about Mabel
and her makeover.

Thank you for reading and
hopefully forgiving my lack of
visits to Blogsville.

Claire. x