Thursday, 23 September 2010

I'm Conkers I tell ya'!

It's a good job I love my boys
and a good job I love nature!

Perfect time of year
to combine the two...


So Mummy,
let me get this right...

I find a huge stick and throw it up at
an ancient tree for an hour,
missing it completely every time,
so then I rummage around in the undergrowth
for these prickly, nuggets of green treasure?

Which I then prise open, without spiking myself,
 to reveal the gleaming precious gem
hidden inside?

I then take upon the very dangerous task
of stabbing a screwdriver or the likes
through the centre of my shiny jewel?

Steal a shoe lace and spend forever trying
to thread it through the hole,
forget to tie a knot in the end and have to do it all over?


I get to totally SMASH my Brothers gem stone up
with mine, whilst swinging it very closely to his knuckles????

...and this is allowed Mummy?


I am led to believe,
some schools have banned this

Well it's not banned at this house.

We love it!

The boys have been entertained for endless hours,
haven't stabbed their hands,
knocked each other out with sticks.
Nor have they damaged ancient
Horse Chestnut trees,
or damaged each other with accidental
whacks from conker missiles.

The only danger is...

This guy!!!

He runs off with your stick.
He steals your stash.
 He chews them up, but soon spits them out...
(how does he know he'll get a bellyache?)

Then, when your 'two-er' is about to
triumph once again,
he jumps up and
snatches the trophy conker right off the end of your string!


Hee hee.

Hope you've enjoyed playing
with me.

Love Claire. x


Look what treat we had this evening...

Where troubles melt like lemon drops.

...away above the chimney tops

That's where you'll find me!


Monday, 20 September 2010

On the orders of 'Bookworm Beki!'

Beki from

wrote a post about her favourite books,
and suggest a few of us did the same.

Now my choice of books can be a bit 'rum'
(that's a Northern saying for being a bit daft/weird)
and I know after publishing this post I will
think of loads of others I should've put on here,
but here goes.

If I start off with when I was a kid,
 this was my weekly read back in 1978

Every week, my lovely Mummy
would buy me this and my brother
'Shoot' magazine!
My other brother would probably have been
reading The Guardian and Private Eye!

Then, being totally pony mad,
I moved quickly on to
by the
Pullein-Thompson Sisters

Moving on to this as I got a bit older...

My love for Roald Dahl
is enriched daily with my lovely job,
but his

'Tales of the Unexpected'

always terrified me.

I'm reading this with my class this week...
(complete with character voices and sound effects)


Whilst I did my training, this book
helped me to understand a little of how it is to live with
Asperger's Syndrome.
A great read even if it is aimed at the teenage market.


Now next up is a whole series of books
that I absolutely adored and couldn't put down!
I even researched a forum about them and
posted about how I loved them and 
NEEEEEDED the author to write another.

The Earth's Children series,
by Jean M. Auel

I am led to believe there WILL be
a 6th book and will be due for release next year...
I wait with baited breath!
(I may have to read all the others again though,
just to remind me of why I love them so)


Next a book that won't come as such a huge
suprise to my regular followers...

Basil is the spitting image of the gorgeous
but mad yellow lab Marley.
This is the moment when I say
it's so much better than the film...
John Grogan had me rolling around with laughter,
then weeping buckets!
Don't bother with the film.

Finally, I leave you with the book I am reading
at present...

Nothing much I can say on it yet, as I've only just
started it.

So, there you go...

What would have been MORE
interesting is what Finn is reading...

The Wickes Catalogue!?!

He loves it and has it under his pillow every night.

Don't dispair though, he is partial to

The Argos Catalogue

The Beano

and the odd bit of Dahl too!

Oh, before I go...those of you who may be of a similar age to me,
with children like mine, you may enjoy
finding on Youtube

episodes from
'our era'

We are listening/watching
Tony Robinson
reading the
Fat Tulip
stories at the moment.
A blast from the past for me
and fun for the boys too.

I hope you managed to get to the end of all this,
and possibly enjoyed it.

Love Claire. x

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Roald's shed.

September brought with it
a new term and a new school year.
For those of you who don't know
me well, I am a Teaching assistant in
a primary school.

I love my job.

I've had many in the past,
usually 2 at the same time so
I could feed the horses I used to own!
But none have been as perfect as this one.

Yes it has it's tough moments,
VERY tough moments!
Working with children who have
major behaviour problems can
be trying at the best of times but
I'm part of a fantastic team and we
seem to have it down to a fine art
and provide our pupils with
a safe and creative learning enviroment!

What I am hoping to get round to here is my



Roald Dahl

...and hopefully linking my
love for Dahl to my last post
which mentioned


Are you still with me ?
(Bear with me...)

Well I have a small,
run-down, old shed.
For which, I asked in my last post,
ideas on how to paint it.

Now Roald had a shed too...

His writing shed.

I would LOVE this!

Although it's doubtful I could create
fantastic creations like Roald in my shed,
one can dream.

He also had another kind of shed...

Beautiful isn't it?!
This really is in the garden where he lived,
and became the inspiration for him
to write

'Danny Champion of the World'

I shall have to make do with
keeping the gardening tools and camping gear
in mine...

...and use his wonderful imagination
to inspire my class with displays
such as

'The BFG!'

So...the shed,
thank you for all your ideas
on how to paint it...

...if I get time to paint it that is!

I think a shade of yellow may be in order,
like Roald's door.
With a bit of a Dahl theme going on
hopefully I will be able to inspire my own
children to be creative writers,

or just to be my very own little

'Champions of the world.'

Love C. x

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

In The Dog House!


Don't worry...
Basil is not in the dog house as such,
but we do have a Kennel!

A very kind friend
has given us this very sturdy
very large,
and VERY blue kennel.

any of you clever ladies
have any ideas for a makeover?


Get your thinking caps on girls.

I've been quite into 'shed makeovers'
of late and over the Summer
this tatty corner of the garden
got a tidy up...

I'm thinking that disclosing
photos like this should be embarrassing,
but it's real life, and i'm sure the
'Mothers of boys'
out there, will understand.

After an exciting trip to the
reclaimation yard
we came home with a scruffy old window
from what would've been a part of
a gorgeous sash window
once upon a time.

We cleaned it up and gave it some
shiny paint...

Then fastened it onto the old shed,
after it had been 'shoved' over a few feet
into it's new spot in the corner, onto some
newly laid flags,
and given a fresh lick of paint.

A lack of plants and flowers
and the hedge needs a trim
but Rome wasn't built in a day eh?!


have you come up with any
fabulous ideas for this yet?

Seeing as it will be sat next to
the other shed, in the back garden,
should they match???

A double makeover
for you to think about...

Better get cracking you lot!

Love Claire. xxx

Thursday, 9 September 2010

How did that happen??!!

Not sure how but I've lost 2lb!

I'm not meaning the £££ kind...'s the wobbly bits poundage kind that I'm on about!

I let slip the other day in a post
that I'd enrolled at
Slimming World
last week, and how I hadn't dieted

So when it came to my first week
weigh-in this morning I started to panic a little.

The excuses (ahem! lies) running round my head
went something like this...

I've been ill.

Back at work so I wasn't able to do it.

No time.

The children make it too tricky too diet.

I did it, but it doesn't work for me.

I was a tad worried...

Next thing is,
I'm there,
no excuses,
I just said it how it is

'I haven't done it'

No problem,
all the girls offered me comfort and support
and I hopped on the scales anyway.

(yep, that's me!)


Now really sure how but I managed to be
2lbs lighter than I was this time last week.

You know who I'm going to thank for it?

This little guy!

Come on, lets go on a walk...

We've come to Macclesfield Forest.

Somewhere Basil and my boys take me quite often
these days.

Not the sunniest of days,
but beautiful all the same...
less busy and more peaceful in my opinion.

I spy with my little eye,
something beginning with
oh, sorry,
I mean P! ;o)

Is that the sun trying it's best to peep through?


Hope you enjoyed the gentle exercise...
Oh my...
...and there's me thinking I don't do any!

I'm thinking now
that if I couple up this
'so called exercise'
with the Slimming World diet,
maybe I could be on to a winner...
...if I manage to drag Baz past that lovely pub that is!

Hee hee!!!

Love Claire. x

If I never mention this dieting thing again,
it's because I've been a piggy.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Come a car booting along with me.

Bit of a daft one this...

Again, the quality is rubbish when you enlarge.

I feel a posh new camera coming on,
or maybe seeing as it's only
108 SLEEPS until Christmas,
I can start writing my list?!

Anyhow, enjoy!


Hope you enjoyed coming along with us, hee hee!

Love Claire.x

Lucky Lucky...!!!

A couple of weeks ago,
during one of those mornings
in the holidays
when you lounge around in your jim-jams,
the boys and I were lay on my bed
enjoying looking at Floss' holiday photos together.

One of her sons had enjoyed
making up a little competition
where you had to guess what the
picture is of.

We had a giggle guessing and
sent a comment with our suggestions.


I did tell Floss that we didn't need a prize.
That we had just enjoyed guessing.

the little minx!

Sent this today.

With it's French stamps and
labels on, I thought there is
only one person who
could've sent this!!!

We opened up this exciting parcel together.

More lovely-ness French-ness...

Beautiful and colourful maps,
in French!
(which Finn has whipped away,
upstairs to keep!)

Floss has obviously been reading
my last few posts,
seeing how I have gone
'Dog - Mad!'

You tinker you, Floss!
(CK - eek!)

Thank you so much. xxx

A prize for the boys too!
How did you know,
they're science experiments and bugs mad!
Oh yes, you have 2 boys of your own,
I guess you just
 'get to know these things.'

So there they are.
Here in Blighty,
all very gratefully received,
and now living at the foot of the peak district,
in my little (untidy) home.



Another little Tinker
has given me an award!



I have to share it
I tell you what...
If you love it
and I follow you
then please
allow me to award you with it,
as all the blogs I follow and read
deserve it!

You have to say 7 things about yourself
so here goes,


  •  love marmite

  • and olives

  • once had 42 pet rabbits!!!

  • took my driving test in deep SNOW at 17, and passed!

  • have just realised it's less than a month until my birthday...eek!

  • enrolled at Slimming World last Thursday but haven't started the diet yet...oops!

  • always use too many of these !!!!!!!!

  • and have just been racking my brains trying to think of another one but then realised I have already done the neccessary 7.  Durr!
So there we are.

Love Claire. x

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Messing about on the river.

If you ever have that feeling of being just a bit
'fed up'
try my 'tonic' and get outside,
find lots of space...
Get away from the hustle and bustle of life
 and honestly it'll help you to try and
forget all those troubles you may have worrying you.

(Excuses excuses!!!
I'm taking you along on one of our lovely walks, but i'm not sure if it's my lack of photography or technology skills, probably both, but when you watch this in large screen please imagine it's perfect
...alas, 'tis not.)

Hope you had a good time,
and all those troubles?

What troubles?

Love Claire. x