Thursday, 9 September 2010

How did that happen??!!

Not sure how but I've lost 2lb!

I'm not meaning the £££ kind...'s the wobbly bits poundage kind that I'm on about!

I let slip the other day in a post
that I'd enrolled at
Slimming World
last week, and how I hadn't dieted

So when it came to my first week
weigh-in this morning I started to panic a little.

The excuses (ahem! lies) running round my head
went something like this...

I've been ill.

Back at work so I wasn't able to do it.

No time.

The children make it too tricky too diet.

I did it, but it doesn't work for me.

I was a tad worried...

Next thing is,
I'm there,
no excuses,
I just said it how it is

'I haven't done it'

No problem,
all the girls offered me comfort and support
and I hopped on the scales anyway.

(yep, that's me!)


Now really sure how but I managed to be
2lbs lighter than I was this time last week.

You know who I'm going to thank for it?

This little guy!

Come on, lets go on a walk...

We've come to Macclesfield Forest.

Somewhere Basil and my boys take me quite often
these days.

Not the sunniest of days,
but beautiful all the same...
less busy and more peaceful in my opinion.

I spy with my little eye,
something beginning with
oh, sorry,
I mean P! ;o)

Is that the sun trying it's best to peep through?


Hope you enjoyed the gentle exercise...
Oh my...
...and there's me thinking I don't do any!

I'm thinking now
that if I couple up this
'so called exercise'
with the Slimming World diet,
maybe I could be on to a winner...
...if I manage to drag Baz past that lovely pub that is!

Hee hee!!!

Love Claire. x

If I never mention this dieting thing again,
it's because I've been a piggy.


Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Well Done.
I've been on SW for abot 9 wks now and have lost 19lbs. The Extra Easy option is soo good and soo easy. I would really recomend getting the magazine each month as the recipes are yummy and I do try and stay to class for hints and tips.
Keep up the good work, the walking is great too.
Luv Sophie xxx

Kelly said...

Well done!!! SW is a good diet better luck this week getting to grips with it xxx

Sarah said...

I to do Slimming World ive lost 2 stone. EE is a fantastic option so easy! Well done on the 2lb :) xx

Amanda said...

I so loved this post, you know why! Just shows what can be done. Bet you were being more careful and choosy. I love the slimming world chips/potato wedges done with frylight, lovely with egg and beans. We also have a butchers that does syn free sausages and burgers, yummy.

Jo said...

Well done on losing 2lbs. I might even drop a few pounds myself then now that I have Archie.

Nicole said...

Hey Claire...yeah, I found you 2 lbs...somehow they managed to fly over to the states and landed on my backside, i'll keep them safe for you but whatever else you loose could you send them to someone else?? LOL!!! Good for you girl! Keep it up :)

Emma said...

Nice boots! Oh and Well done!

Florence and Mary said...

Well done!

Victoria xx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Well done, hope your lovely dog got lots of thank you cuddles from you for his help - ohh how labradors love a cuddle :-)

carol at home said...

Well done indeed

Nana Go-Go said...

Well done you and great boots too - although I have to say they probably weigh about 3lbs by themselves!Keep up the good work.

Kissed by an Angel said...

Well done!! I like SW - you can eat a lot!!!

Country Girl said...

Well done! And well done to Basil for his important role.