Tuesday, 21 December 2010

'Mummy, is this Narnia?'

With a poorly Finn snuggly in the warm,
Jacob became a lumberjack for the day
and we brought home our Christmas tree.

I thought the best way was to let the photos tell the story...

The Christmas Tree Farm.

How about this one Mummy?

This one?

So many to choose from!

I think Jacob really did think it was Narnia.

Running and running and running!
So much running around to be done by boy and by dog.

Is this an ordinary sized dog amongst baby Christmas trees,
or are we being invaded by the giant dogs of another planet?

Still running, maybe just as well, to keep warm there Jacob.

Basil can't decide which tree tastes the best.

They all look so scrummy with their good dollop of 'frosting' on.

Glistening and twinkling,
looking like this, it's a shame to bring them indoors
and hang decorations on them at all!
Mother Nature knows best of course.

Right then Mum...
so you've definitely decided on this one?

All done!

Phew...it's hard work this lumberjacking lark!

What a tight squeeze...

But we managed it,

There he is,
in all his splender!

Meet  'BRUCE, the SPRUCE!'

Albeit missing a few decorated gingerbread hearts,
but they're in the oven as I type,
making my house smell delish.

Hope you all enjoyed
Christmas Tree shopping
with us, we reckon we came home with a beauty!

Hope to post before the big day
but if I don't manage it I'd like to wish everyone

(although I may just have to post a piccie of 'The Cake' etc
before I scoff it all...nom nom nom!!!)

Love Claire. xxx

Saturday, 18 December 2010

The best way to spread Christmas cheer...

Is singing loud for all to hear!


We shall never tire of this film in our house.

We're becoming all Christmassy but

It's still growing in a snowy field at the moment
and we're off to collect it tommorow.

Not sure who is the biggest kid,
me or the boys, hee hee!

before I get on to what I want to show you
things must be told to all my bloggy friends out there.

First the good news...
Thank you for everyone who wished Basil well for his
ahem, 'little op'
this went ahead problem free.  Phew!

Now the sad news,
I'm very sorry to tell you
that Daisy, my little red hen,
had been poorly for so long and has
flown up to the big chicken coop in the sky.

I made the choice that for a hen to be taken to the
vets for treatment was too stressful for my little old lady.
She had a good few last weeks with her little chums
to snuggly up with and always greeted me with little clucks
and enjoyed her Marmite on toast every morning.
But she slipped away one night last week. 

Anyroad!!!  What am I doing being all glum
when it's Christmas time eh?!
How very dare me ;o)

So, here I am sharing some snaps of
my trip into town today for the
Manchester Christmas Markets
and a bit of shopping thrown in too.
I hope you enjoy them.

A singing moose!

St. Anne's Square.

Christmas jumpers and reindeers...
albeit just the skins(!) but both very cuddly.

Huge twirly whirly thingbob.

Obligatory hat photo.

Twinkling tree.

The wheel.

Then in to Selfridges...

A very expensive bike.

The reason being is still a bit of a mystery,
but it's 'maker' may have something to do with it.

A bit of CK love going on.

...and some more love.  Yummy.

A quick wizz around here.

Then off to gaze in awe at the beautiful fairground.


So, there we have it!
A quick catch up,
and a lovely day out shared.

I've been enjoying playing around with my photos on


Hoping you won't mind, but I'm loving the effects this end.

Now if I don't see you before
(I hope I do)
let me wish you all a


Love Claire. X

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


I'm not sure about you, but


I've even managed to 'turn' some


(you know who you are! Hee hee)
 this year, by convincing some of my pals
that it really is the 'season to be jolly!'
PLUS, it's all what you make of it
and who cares if there's no coffers in the pot?
What if you have only a diddy turkey and
some poundshop Christmas crackers?

This post is actually supposed to be about


...and how I refuse to buy my boys
chocolate advent calenders!

We have an Advent Candle,
I hope you like it,
and also a traditional Nativity scene calender.

I love the way we have to guess each morning
what picture is behind the door.

A drum?  A Robin?  A bauble?  A Doll?

Anyhow, this morning we had a little donkey.

Completely off the subject now,
have you all enjoyed the snow?

As you can imagine, in our house,
it snows and the excitement levels go off the scale!

One new boy into the mix this year has had his
very first taste (literally!) of this magical white stuff!

He skips along with not a worry in the world,
with his favourite 2 boys,
and looks after us in the cuddles department!


Tomorrow he's going to spend the day with
Gareth, his favourite vet...
Tomorrow is operation day for Basil!

I've taken the plunge and decided now's the time for him to

'Go for the Chop!'

He obviously knows nothing of this
but I'm terrified!
He's my new little baby and is the best company ever.

I hope and pray he'll be safe and come home to me
in one piece, albeit, missing a couple of bits!

I'll keep you all updated, thanks for reading.

Love From

x x x

Monday, 22 November 2010

Introductions and my little Man of the Match!

There's a new girl on the block,
and I happen to know she's adorable!
How do I know this?
Because she is my lovely class teacher.

The poor girl has to put up with me all day at work,
and listen to me bleeting on about Blogsville.
So with gentle persuasion, found herself
engulfed by this friendly cyber land.

Let me introduce

Please pop over and say Hi.

You won't be disappointed.

Anyhow my lovelies
have a look at this little chap...

He's my little

You can't be in my family and not enjoy the game of

Jacob is proving to be a bit of a star at the game.

In my town we're lucky to have such a great
set up for kids playing rugby.
They're well looked after.

We're off on tour next Spring!
How does it go?
What goes on tour, stays on tour!
(wink wink!)

So, I have high hopes for my future international star.
But I'll be upset if his lovely little face ends up like this
after his rugby career.

Love Claire. x

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Fancy a stroll?

I'm not sure about you but when things get a bit
too much, I like to get away from everyone,
be alone and clear my head.

I call it
P & Q
(peace and quiet)

Since having Basil this has been
much easier in the form of a walk.
Off we go, just me and my little faithful friend
and before I know it,
I'm feeling more like myself.

I took my camera out with me the
other day, with you in mind,
thinking some of you may need a bit of
P & Q
so here we are, off out, on my doorstep and
into the beautiful countryside that surrounds my little house.

It's getting a bit late before we even begin,
look, the man in the moon is out already!

That's where we're heading,
into the woods.

Past the little brook that tinkles away,
whatever the season.

Baz has found a stick,
lucky for us it's only a small one today!

I'm feeling more peaceful now,
how are you getting on?

I'm loving the colours this evening,
reflecting on my calm, and quiet canal.

Who's that coming along quietly?

I sometimes wish for a
shabby chic narrow boat rather than
dreaming of a vintage caravan?

Not sure my driving skills would live up to it.

A tight squeeze.

But she manages it perfectly.

Along on her way, slowly and calmly.

The last of the evening sun highlighting the way.

Come on Mr Duck,
it's almost dark.

Goodbye Mr Sunshine,
hope to see you tomorrow,
a fresh new day.

Come on Basil,
it's time we got back.

...and we hurry along home to our toastie warm house.

I hope you enjoyed our bit of

P & Q

Love Claire. x