Wednesday, 1 December 2010


I'm not sure about you, but


I've even managed to 'turn' some


(you know who you are! Hee hee)
 this year, by convincing some of my pals
that it really is the 'season to be jolly!'
PLUS, it's all what you make of it
and who cares if there's no coffers in the pot?
What if you have only a diddy turkey and
some poundshop Christmas crackers?

This post is actually supposed to be about


...and how I refuse to buy my boys
chocolate advent calenders!

We have an Advent Candle,
I hope you like it,
and also a traditional Nativity scene calender.

I love the way we have to guess each morning
what picture is behind the door.

A drum?  A Robin?  A bauble?  A Doll?

Anyhow, this morning we had a little donkey.

Completely off the subject now,
have you all enjoyed the snow?

As you can imagine, in our house,
it snows and the excitement levels go off the scale!

One new boy into the mix this year has had his
very first taste (literally!) of this magical white stuff!

He skips along with not a worry in the world,
with his favourite 2 boys,
and looks after us in the cuddles department!


Tomorrow he's going to spend the day with
Gareth, his favourite vet...
Tomorrow is operation day for Basil!

I've taken the plunge and decided now's the time for him to

'Go for the Chop!'

He obviously knows nothing of this
but I'm terrified!
He's my new little baby and is the best company ever.

I hope and pray he'll be safe and come home to me
in one piece, albeit, missing a couple of bits!

I'll keep you all updated, thanks for reading.

Love From

x x x


A Treasured Past said...

Hi Claire, chocolate advent calendars are they the best :) My kids have been waiting a whole month to open theirs, they have been sitting on the sideboard tempting them every day. India jumped out of bed yesterday early morning and raced to open hers. I like the idea of the candle, but I would probably forget about it and burn it down way too far :( Good luck Basil!!

bellaboo said...

I LOVE Christmas too,and I remembered to open the first door on my Advent calender this morning..Mr Boo and I take it in turns.Do you know you can get pet ones now with a treat for every day! I bet Basil loves the snow as much as Bella.She came back from her walk today with hard little balls of snow attached to her fur.
Hope Basil's little procedure goes well..apparently they calm down a bit after they've had the 'snip'.

Nicole said...

We have a magnetic felted advent calander that the kids hand a felt toy on each night..with limited battles on whose night it is. I love love love Christmas!!! now if I can just figure out how to get reindeer antlers on my chickens I'm good to go!

Taz said...

Bah humbug types!! Good heavens I wonder who are earth they are.

Keep yourself busy tomorrow doll, Mr Basil will be fine but will be wanting lots of cuddles when he comes home - even in the animal world males are the same! ;) xx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Love the candle, very sweet.

Your little doggy will be fine, it is quite a simple operation (I have watched my Dad do that op before) and he is young so there should be no problems.


Murphyfish said...

Being the bah of all humbugs I wasn't going to comment, but you paint such a lovely picture with your words of the season it's getting a tad more difficult not to feel slightly christmassy (think that's a word).
Lucy sends her regards to Basil and hopes that he recovers soon, me? I just cringed at the thought, poor Basil!
Best regards,

Jo said...

Awww,how's Basil, Claire? I'll be booking Archie in soon, but I've got mixed feelings about it. I know he has to be done but it doesn't make it any easier. I dread leaving him there. Hope Basil's himself again soon.

Emma said...

Mmm Taz.. I wonder?
Bah Humbug Claire, oops I meant "Happy Christmas & Joy to the world"
Em xxx

Florence and Mary said...

I can't understand people who don't enjoy Christmas!!!


Victoria xx

Poppy said...

Hello gorgeous! You do make me laugh! I might get myself one of those candles next year.

Lou xxx

Amanda said...

It was great to hear from you this morning! I hope your gorgeous boy's operation went well. He's a handsome lad isn't he? Lots of love, Amanda xxx