Monday, 22 November 2010

Introductions and my little Man of the Match!

There's a new girl on the block,
and I happen to know she's adorable!
How do I know this?
Because she is my lovely class teacher.

The poor girl has to put up with me all day at work,
and listen to me bleeting on about Blogsville.
So with gentle persuasion, found herself
engulfed by this friendly cyber land.

Let me introduce

Please pop over and say Hi.

You won't be disappointed.

Anyhow my lovelies
have a look at this little chap...

He's my little

You can't be in my family and not enjoy the game of

Jacob is proving to be a bit of a star at the game.

In my town we're lucky to have such a great
set up for kids playing rugby.
They're well looked after.

We're off on tour next Spring!
How does it go?
What goes on tour, stays on tour!
(wink wink!)

So, I have high hopes for my future international star.
But I'll be upset if his lovely little face ends up like this
after his rugby career.

Love Claire. x


Poppy said...

Well done, my son loved rugby at school! Thanks for taking me along with you on your walk, I hope you don’t mind me having my pj’s on. xxx

bekimarie said...

Sorry hun but he's far too handsome to risk having that little face of his mashed up.
Think you should get him into ballet ;o)
Well done Jacob, you little star!

B xxx

Taz said...

Aaah that new blog! Now it all makes sense :) She must be some woman to deal with you all day....joke! joke! :D

Rugby is THE game! Hope your tour brings you up to Scotland xx

A Treasured Past said...

Well done Jacob! Maybe one day he will play against us Aussies (don't you just hate that word!) :) Tamara

Josie-Mary said...

Enjoy the tour! I must confess I don't understand rugby :) x

bellaboo said...

You must be one proud Mum! Love to watch the game,but I havn't a clue about the rules.I think it's because there are no boys in our family.
Keep warm's turning very cold later in the week! :0)

Vintage from the Village said...

Great rugby !
Just popped over to Megans great blog and will follow it
Sue x

Betty said...

Lovely boy - I agree with Bekimarie - he's going to be a girl magnet! popping over to see Megan now. xxx

Twiggy said...

Aww well done lovely boy, my little Twiglet has just statted Rugby4tots - too cute!! There is one little girl in the group of boys who plays in flowery leggings and t.shirt - yay - girl power!!
twiggy x

Florence and Mary said...

Congrats to your man of the match!

Victoria xx

hapi-ness said...

Congratulations to your little super star! Lets hope it is a long time before he gets the rugby look! x

Jo said...

Congratulations to the man of the match. My son never took to rugby, he's more of a cricketer. I'll pop over to see Megan when I get chance.

moschops said...

I have commented on facebook, but I shall here as well - Well Done Jacob!!!!

and thank you for the advertisement! lol!
Its amazing how you manage to put up with me at work all day not the other way round :-p