Friday, 5 November 2010

The gruesome birthday!

I bet you're all feeling Halloween was soooo last week!

Well yes, it was, but seeing as I promised to
show you some of the very few photos
of a very FAB birthday party,
I had best get on with it eh?

The cake!

It was going to be a
but ended up being a Sainsburys chocolate one!

But we did spruce it up a bit,
as you can see.

Basil just HAD to get in on the act!
He came trick or treating with us all,
and wriggled through to the front everytime we
knocked on someones door...
funny how he learnt VERY QUICKLY
that kids drop things,
especially sweets and hot dogs etc!

Not many photos of children as they didn't stand still long enough!

Somehow I got roped into playing the
silly party games!
(yes, the kitchen is in a state, but so would anyones
in the midst of a wild and mad fun party like ours)

We all loved the lanterns
and made wishes.

Some of which I found out later were
for scramble dirt bikes???!!!?????

We had enjoyed decorating the house with lots of
spooky decorations...

...some written in BLOOD you know!

Afterwards, a very worn out pair of boys and puppy!

One of which just couldn't stay awake a moment longer.

So there you have it!

Is it Christmas now????


You mean we have to do


before we can officially
start thinking about Christmas?

Well then,
that brings me neatly round to
wishing you all a
fun packed evening tomorrow.

Keep safe everyone.

love Claire. x


A Treasured Past said...

Hi Claire, the birthday cake looks amazing! I saw your xmas countdown yesterday and nearly freaked..can't believe it is so close!

Bonfire night, I am jealous..make sure you have some treacle toffee for me. Have a great time tomorrow night.Tamara x

delia hornbook said...

Morning Claire, wow that cake is well scary looks like its going to walk off any moment and hide from it self ;-)) Its fab. Aww bless him love his hat that me laugh out loud. And those lanturns are fabulous i do them every year on christmas eve with the children to remember our very special friend/un related Nan Betty, Dylan still believes its goes up to heaven to her. What great evening and lovely pictures. Have a lovely bonfire evening. Take care..Dee x

Betty said...

How fun to have a Halloween birthday - I love Basil, he looks really spooky. Lovely pictures. xxx

Josie-Mary said...

Looks like great fun! Basil looks so cool, I'd love him to come to my door :) x

a mermaids purse said...

wow! what a fab-u-tastical cake!!!!
bet u and all the kids had a really great time ;)x
love the lanterns idea!...glad the pets got carried away in Halloween too...;0)x

mad about bags said...

hi Claire the cakes looks spookytastic and your halloween sounded like terrific fun!!!
have a great bonfire night!!!

Murphyfish said...

Good morning Claire,
Just love that cake and as for Basil? well what words could add to the pictures? he does look knackered in that last photo. Looks like fun was had all around.
Oh and please don't mention Christmas, I've managed to deny its existence so far this year!
Oh and Lucy says hi to basil.
Best regards,

Kathy said...

Wow! What a fantastic party ... and what a lucky boy. Your photo of Basil made me laugh out loud! I love themed parties ... our best one ever was a pirate party!
Love Kathy xxx

bellaboo said...

Hi Claire,
Thanks for your email.Well you certainly know how to party don't you? It all looks spookily good. Basil looks well scary! What are you tempting him with to take that picture?! Have a great bonfire night!Hope it stays dry for you hun. :o)

hapi-ness said...

Hi claire, that's so awsome! that cake looks gruesome and yummy! glad your night went well :D i presume that it will definately be a more regular theme :D xxx

Nana Go-Go said...

You are indeed a Very Good Mummy!Reminds me of past birthday boys and variations on a cake or two!That dog looks almost human by the way!Have a good Fireworks Night.x

Sue at Dollytub Cottage said...

Hi Claire, I love Basil's outfit - very chic! SueXX

moschops said...

Love the cake - your lads are v. lucky to have such wonderful birthdays, they will remember them always.

Happy November 5th!


bekimarie said...

Your boys are very lucky to have such a mad oops sorry fun mummy!
Looks like everyone had a great time, hope you're going to throw Me a party when I come visit 'hehe'!

B xxx

winkiewee's red cabbage patch said...

It looked a brilliant party - the birthday cake was FAB!!
Loads of precious memories.....

winnibriggs said...

You certainly know how to have a 'do'. The cake is amazing. Hope you managed to survive Bonfire night too and now you can really get on with Christmas!

Shachar said...

Claire!! What a fantastic party!!!
Looks like a great time.