Wednesday, 16 March 2011

By Request...! Sindy Super Sprite!


I'm thrilled with everyones kind and
encouraging words on my last post
regarding my 'Sindy Caravan'.

More photos were requested of the inside,
so I've been out after work today
and tried to set some pics up for you.

My first ROYAL WEDDING purchase has
sneaked into her on this one!
(flag: much cheapness from the Co-op!)

The boys requested we stick it on the roof
for when we tow her...
I think i'll have enough to worry about
never mind a Union Jack flapping away behind me.

Temptation was high but I managed to resist
buying the comemorative mug too,
but I may have to go back and buy it!
Honestly! Hee hee!

Bless her...

Sindy super Sprite!

...and that's that.

I hope we'll all fit round that table!
Who's bringing the cakes?

You may notice there's
some unfinished curtain action
going on in there, but
I'm bursting with pride over her
and wanted to show you where I'm
upto with her.
They're almost completed anyhow,
and just the same as the others on the smaller window.

There is a distinct lack of floral going on in her
you may also notice.
Under very strict orders from
'The Gruesome Twosome'
I was informed of the
rule :o(
Good job I managed my Ebay bargain
on some Cath Kidston Cowboy eh?
Plus it's helped to give me a bit of a
starting point with a theme...
notice the pony skin blanket?

I'll show the the other end of her
another time.

You'll be all
by now, surely?

Love C. x

Sunday, 13 March 2011

A Sneaky Peek!

Now she's far from finished,
but I thought you'd all like a sneaky peek
in through Sindy Caravan's window.

She's my excuse for recent absence from Blogsville of late.

My little sewing machine is working overtime in the evenings,
and I even enlisted the help of the gruesome twosome
when making all those bunting triangles.

We've planned lots of adventures in our heads,
usually involving the capture of poor little sea creatures
in rockpools or on crabbing lines,
being on boats and climbing trees.
I told them how you can make dams across
streams and rivers and
how jam butties are the best picnic food ever!

Oh I just can't WAIT!

Especially as my car now has a little extra
thing fitted on the to the rear...
(this was the only photo I could find that
didn't resemble a phallic symbol! ;o)

To say I'm a little bit terrified of towing her
would be an understatment of words!!!

I'm sure I'll master it soon enough.

Next time you listen to the traffic lady on radio2
lets hope that she doesn't have to report that
the M6 is shut due to a mad woman
and an overly bunted caravan eh?!

Love C. x

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


A charity shop bargain at 50p!

We couldn't wait to get this home for some
old fashioned fun.

Trust my cheeky chops Finn
to come up with a novel and
in my view, much better way of playing it.

Of course you have to eat
each Mini Egg that you jump over...

Fancy one?

Love C. x

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Red and Green Should Never be Seen...says who??!!

Not me!
Hee hee..
I love that colour combination,
so don't come telling me all about what and why
you shouldn't put them together,
I've done it now.
Too late.

Let me show you what I've been making
for my
'Sindy Caravan'

No prizes for guessing what all these triangles shall become...

Speedy wizz round with Chine
(not Mrs Jones you may notice)

Now this thing doesn't see the light of day
very often at this house...

There we go!

All done.
Well, I do have to do it all again as it's for hanging
along the windows in Sindy, so she looks all cutie
from the outside in.

I also gave my cupboard a splash of colour too recently ...
then roughed it up a little.
My Dad thought I hadn't finished it and
said I needed to give it another coat.

Hope you're all happy and well.

Love C. x