Wednesday, 16 March 2011

By Request...! Sindy Super Sprite!


I'm thrilled with everyones kind and
encouraging words on my last post
regarding my 'Sindy Caravan'.

More photos were requested of the inside,
so I've been out after work today
and tried to set some pics up for you.

My first ROYAL WEDDING purchase has
sneaked into her on this one!
(flag: much cheapness from the Co-op!)

The boys requested we stick it on the roof
for when we tow her...
I think i'll have enough to worry about
never mind a Union Jack flapping away behind me.

Temptation was high but I managed to resist
buying the comemorative mug too,
but I may have to go back and buy it!
Honestly! Hee hee!

Bless her...

Sindy super Sprite!

...and that's that.

I hope we'll all fit round that table!
Who's bringing the cakes?

You may notice there's
some unfinished curtain action
going on in there, but
I'm bursting with pride over her
and wanted to show you where I'm
upto with her.
They're almost completed anyhow,
and just the same as the others on the smaller window.

There is a distinct lack of floral going on in her
you may also notice.
Under very strict orders from
'The Gruesome Twosome'
I was informed of the
rule :o(
Good job I managed my Ebay bargain
on some Cath Kidston Cowboy eh?
Plus it's helped to give me a bit of a
starting point with a theme...
notice the pony skin blanket?

I'll show the the other end of her
another time.

You'll be all
by now, surely?

Love C. x


Kathy said...

Oh, she's lovely! You'll have such fun when you go travelling!

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Absolutely no way! Bring it on!! I so so envy you it will be gorgeous..and you have used my most favourite print from CK (apart from the stanley one which I also adore). It really does look good, you have every right to be proud.
Jenny XX

dosierosie said...

I'm very jealous, you have made a fantastic job of it.

Taz said...

More! More! More! :D

Amanda said...

I was going to say love the fabric choice as it can't be all girly. You've done a fab job. I'll bring some cherry bakewells...

Alexandra Mason said...

She is looking fantastic! xxx

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Love it, looks fab.
Luv Sophie xxx

Pene said...

Oh Claire she is gorgeous!!!Well done you've done a terrific job. Sindy is truely a queen amongst caravans lol
Pene x

A Treasured Past said...

Hi Claire, Sindy is looking super cute without being super girlie for the boys. Love it. I'd love to see more :)

Murphyfish said...

Fair does me girl, she looks absolutely stunning, a credit to you. I'll bring the cider then shall I?

magsmcc said...

No- we will always want more much more of Sindy!! I can bring cakes and I'm very small?

Le Loup said...

It looks great clair, well done. I can see you will have some fun travels with this van.
Regards, Keith.

bellaboo said...

It looks super gorgeous! :0)

delia hornbook said...

ooohhh you lucky thing she's looking fab you have done such a great job i bet your grinning from ear to ear ;-)) Role on the better weather and you can take her out. dee x

Nana Go-Go said...

Come to Scotland! There`s a beautiful caravan park just a hop,skip and a jump from me - you and the boys would love it round here - loads to do.... when you`re not plumpin` up those fabulous cushions!

Florence and Mary said...

It looks AMAZING! I'm green with envy (or maybe the green is for St Patricks Day who knows!).

Let me know when I'm coming to stay in the little beauty!

Victoria x

vintage mum said...

You've done a great, job when do you sneak in the flowers ? not that she needs them :)
Cate x

Florence and Mary said...

There's an award on my blog for you!

Victoria xx

Nicole said...

I am wildly jealous of your most wicked awesome caravan!!! Love the interior, I cannot think of a better way to spend the summer than camping out in it! enjoy!!

Made In The South said...

Lookin good! It is so cute.
Wish you could get that thing across the pond. We could have so much fun going from the beaches to the mountains.
And of course I would take you not far from my home,New Orleans!

We are also excited about the wedding! I can not wait to see her gown.

Diane said...

I think the cowboy fabric looks fab!!! I shall look out for you on campsites in Britain this summer!!! xxxx