Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Red and Green Should Never be Seen...says who??!!

Not me!
Hee hee..
I love that colour combination,
so don't come telling me all about what and why
you shouldn't put them together,
I've done it now.
Too late.

Let me show you what I've been making
for my
'Sindy Caravan'

No prizes for guessing what all these triangles shall become...

Speedy wizz round with Chine
(not Mrs Jones you may notice)

Now this thing doesn't see the light of day
very often at this house...

There we go!

All done.
Well, I do have to do it all again as it's for hanging
along the windows in Sindy, so she looks all cutie
from the outside in.

I also gave my cupboard a splash of colour too recently ...
then roughed it up a little.
My Dad thought I hadn't finished it and
said I needed to give it another coat.

Hope you're all happy and well.

Love C. x


delia hornbook said...

Well who ever said that didn't know what they were talking about it looks fab i love red and green ;-)) And your corner unit loos fab to...what do dads know ;-))) dee x

VintageVicki said...

Still jealous of the caravan - however that bunting will look fab in there.

Whats next on your list?

mad about bags said...

the bunting looks great, i've gone for a green a red theme in my new kitchen so we both can't be wrong can we!!

what a swish caravan you shall have!!!

might even make a similar bunting for my kitchen now i've seen yours!

Anonymous said...

I love red and green together and yor bnting looks fab hun.
The unit looks great too, Dad's are funny aren't they?

B xxx

bellaboo said...

I'm a fan of red and green.How can they not be seen?...think Christmas!
LOVE your bunting,Sindy's going to love it too!
Had a chuckle at your Dad's comment,that's just what mine would have said! :0)

Country Girl said...

I thought the saying was Blue and green should never be seen, but who cares as that is nonsense too! If you like it, it goes!
Bunting looks great.

Florence and Mary said...

I think red and green works perfectly... just think of Christmas!! In fact I have green cushions on my red sofas at the moment!

Victoria xx

clare said...

Great bunting hun..i too love that colour combo!
Your unit looks lovely!
TFS Hugs Clare@weekendcrafter xx

bears footprints said...

i think your bunting looks fab in red and green, you should be very pleased with yourself x helen