Saturday, 26 February 2011

My little town gets it's own VINTAGE FAIR!!

Who'd have believed it eh?!

My beloved Macclesfield done good.

A Make Do and Mend Vintage Fair
has landed in my hometown,
and what a lovely day out it was too.

I had such a great time that I'm contemplating,
or maybe that should be dreaming,
of having a stall of my own one day!

Anyroad... I wandered round I took lots of photos for you.

Take a peep.

There were lots of clothes that I would have
But alas... the boobies said Noooooooo!

Hee hee.

Hope you enjoyed our day out together.

Love Claire. x

Monday, 21 February 2011

Share a little FREE vintage love!

Now some of you may already know
I'm a massive fan of FREECYCLE
One man's rubbish is another man's treasure etc.
So after finding new homes for all of my junk,
imagine my delight when I saw
'OFFERED:Very old sewing machine'

Feeling slightly giddy I went to collect my treasure!

...and here she is!

I just had to share her with you.

A friend has just opened a clothes shop
so I have offered 'Mrs Jones' to be
a bit of an ornament in her window,
to compliment the vintage style of clothing
she is selling. 

I thought she's far too lovely to be hidden away.

One day I shall make something on her,
but for now, I think being a bit of
'Eye Candy' for the likes of us
suits her down to the ground.

I hope you're enjoying her too...

I'm not too sure, but the lady who gave her to me
seemed to think she was from the 1920's.
If you know different I'd love to know.

Thankfully, she came with the instruction booklet!

Plus all the little attatchments to all these
fancy little jobs.

...and when not in use,
she goes off to sleep in her own wooden box.

Thanks for letting me share her...

Love  Claire. x

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Did you miss me?


Eh guess what?!

It'll be Christmas at this rate!
Hee hee!!!
The year is whizzing by
so fast, I've hardly said a word to you all
in ages, but I'm sure you'll forgive me.

Lots of folk start booking or at least thinking
of holidays at this time of year,
and I'm no exception.
So, after lots of longing,
and Ahhhing, I decided to take the plunge!

'What with?'
I hear you cry.

Well if I said I'd bought one of these...

...would you believe me??!

Well I have!
Only a little bit bigger, but not much.

Please excuse the photographs of her,
this was the day she arrived and
it was about -70 degrees and she'd
literally just been dumped on the drive.

After lots of longing and wanting of
a vintage caravan, I had a long hard think about
my situation.  Could I realistically restore and maintain
the little gems I've seen on here.

The answer, unfortunately, was no, I couldn't.
Plus the prices for fully restored beautys are creeping
upwards these days.
So that brought me to a very cold day and the boys
and I are viewing 'Sindy'.
Well we had a fantastic time, we made
the tables into beds and back again,

And we cooked imaginary food,
in imaginary pots and pans from the
cupboard, and helped ourselves to
invisable food from the fridge.

After her safety check and delivery
(I don't even have a tow bar fitted!)
I gathered all the seat cushions up
and brought them inside the house.

After a little make over with some muchas cheapas
fabric and a few Ebay bargains
I can start to picture us off on our holidays in her.

Did you spot that gorgeous CK cowboy fabric?!

I think Sindy will look every bit a 'Cool Caravan'
by the time I've finished with her.

I hope you'll enjoy the journey
from this to, eventually,
that fun packed Summer that I mentioned
in my last post.
Stay with us for the ride why don't you?
You'll be most welcome.

Love Claire. x

P.S. I hope you recognised me,
a bit of redecoration has been going on here.