Monday, 21 February 2011

Share a little FREE vintage love!

Now some of you may already know
I'm a massive fan of FREECYCLE
One man's rubbish is another man's treasure etc.
So after finding new homes for all of my junk,
imagine my delight when I saw
'OFFERED:Very old sewing machine'

Feeling slightly giddy I went to collect my treasure!

...and here she is!

I just had to share her with you.

A friend has just opened a clothes shop
so I have offered 'Mrs Jones' to be
a bit of an ornament in her window,
to compliment the vintage style of clothing
she is selling. 

I thought she's far too lovely to be hidden away.

One day I shall make something on her,
but for now, I think being a bit of
'Eye Candy' for the likes of us
suits her down to the ground.

I hope you're enjoying her too...

I'm not too sure, but the lady who gave her to me
seemed to think she was from the 1920's.
If you know different I'd love to know.

Thankfully, she came with the instruction booklet!

Plus all the little attatchments to all these
fancy little jobs.

...and when not in use,
she goes off to sleep in her own wooden box.

Thanks for letting me share her...

Love  Claire. x


A Treasured Past said...

How wonderful, it was meant to be yours. It is gorgeous Claire. Wow the original booklet that is a bonus and probably very hard to find. How lovely that it will be displayed in the shop window. I would walk in there if that was the first thing I saw.

bekimarie said...

I think I no longer love you, I am sooooo jealous ;o)
She is totally beautiful hunni just like her Mummy!

Meeeeeeeeeeeee xxx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Wow that is one fab freecycle find! I love freecycle and am always getting rid of stuff on it - hate throwing things away :-)

Murphyfish said...

What I find, now don't be getting wrong I'm still butch n hairy n all that; but I just love this sort of thing. Who in their right mind would discard this.

vintage mum said...

What a lovely machine and great to be getting a revival.
Cate x

Murphyfish said...

bugger should have read "what a find" doh!

carol at home said...

She is lovely and you're so lucky that she came with an instruction book.

Taz said...

She's a stunner that's for sure ;)

mad about bags said...

what a beautiful machine, definitely needs to be on show, does she have a name yet????

ps. i nominated you for a stylish blogger award, it's not obligatory just a bit of bloggy friendship

happy half term

Pene said...

Oh she is lovely, beautifully decorated and deserves to be admired by many. Lucky you

Le Loup said...

A very good find, hang onto it, you may be needing it!
We were without electricity for about 20 years, and had a similar singer(still have it). Then I bought my wife a new Elner with all the gadgets. I purched a treddle conversion for it and mounted it on the Singer treddle base. We are still using it.

Country Girl said...

I have the exact same model, complete with instructions too! Mine was a 21st birthday present from my parents and I have run up many curtians on over the years. She's having a well earned retirement now and yes, I believe the 1920's is about right age-wise.

VintageVicki said...

She's gorgeous - what a great find.

Must confess to being a freecycle virgin - perhaps I should join afterall if you can find treasures like that.

delia hornbook said...

O Wow what a beauty she is, she really does look like she is from the 1920's with all her colourful detail, im soooo jealous and to have the booklet to, you lucky lady. I got my gorgeous old vintage sewing machine of free cycle to and she is the best and has never let me down yet. Enjoy her, dee x

Floss said...

Oh she is adorable, and will grace your friend's shop - lovely of you to lend her! I found the date of my Singer from its serial number, checked on the Singer website - I wonder if there are any sites out there that would help you date yours?

maryannlucy said...

Wow - lucky you, she is a beauty. Looks like she has either been ignored or very loved, and now she has a lovely home to go to. She is gorgeous x

Florence and Mary said...

WOW WOW WOW! You lucky thing, I never see anything like that on freecycle!!!

Victoria xx

Jackie said...

Yup - she's a beauty x

Josie-Mary said...

Now that's mine kind of eye candy!!! You lucky so and so!!! :) x

Dawn said...!!!
What great luck! *drooool*

bellaboo said...

WoW,what a beauty! I remember as a child turning the handle for my Mum,when she was making dresses for us,with one just like that.I wonder what happened to it? :0)

bears footprints said...

she is a lovely thing, freecycle is great especially when you get lovely treasures like this old lady, and you have the instruction manuel to so thats a bonus x x

The Vintage Kitten said...

What a fab find,lucky you X

The Chickens' Auntie said...

I like Freecycle here, too, in the US. I never find treasures like her on ours, though! What a lovely old machine and how nice that you've given her a new purpose!

Made In The South said...

What a great find and the wooden box to cover it is beautiful!
How sweet to loan it to your freind. I am sure it really is a show stopper in her shop.
Have a great weekend,

Poppy said...

I am so I love with her!

Lou xxx

Lisa said...

Hello there.Had topop by when I saw a pic of Holly Hobbie on another blog where you had left a comment.
Love the look of the fair you went to recently.
We have one of those sewing machines sat on top of our bookcase in the front room, you are right they are too good to be hidden away.
Lisa x