Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Introducing Mabel...

Well here she is, my new 'old' girl.

I'm totally smitten with her,
and after spending a night in her recently
my boys and I know we've made the right decision.

Thank you for all writing such lovely comments
about my caravans in my last post,
and although I always try to send you back a
personal little email I couldn't for some of you
as your addresses aren't linked to your comments/blog
(or something or other) so please let me give a huge thank you
for all your encouragment.

Anyhow, lets get to the eye candy!

Here she is at

Strawberry Wood!
(cute name for a campsite eh?)

Her cute little door, with it's proper little door handle,
of course she had to have a special little key ring
from Aunty Cath's shop!

Always open for friends bearing cake.

Take a pew, on the sofa.
AKA Finn's bed.

 Never one for muted colours me.

The kettles on Love!

Check out 'Dudley' our dinky stove.
All original and still working.

Even the chores are a pleasure!

Not being able to make my mind up,
my boys helped with the fabric choices.
I was keen to have Cath's prints in Mabel,
and I saved up hard.  Anyhow, the boys wanted boats,
Mummy wanted flowers, so we met half way
and had both.
Each end having different curtains.

Well I hope you enjoyed yourselves having a peep.

She's a very special girl is old Mabel.
SPRITE caravans were the ordinary folks holiday home on wheels,
compared with other expensive coach built caravans
at the time. Many were made and they're
fairly plain and simple as caravans go.
But I have it on good authority
that old Mabey Baby is very rare indeed.
She was built in 1963 and there are few, if any,
Sprite Alpines (her official title) from that year left.
She's appeared in a caravan monthly magazine
already I believe.

Just think, that Mabel could be in this line up
of shiny new models back in the early 60's!

Well I think she's as good looking today,
as she was back on the Sprite Alpine production line.
I hope you agree.

Thank you for letting me share her.
Our next stop by the way, is Anglesey next week!
If it rains or shines we'll be happy and cosy in our little house on wheels.

Love Claire. x