Sunday, 30 May 2010


Sorry for this interruption
to your normal viewing service.

(is there even such a thing??)
will be
resumed shortly.

I'd love to say that I have been snowed under
with lots of lovely sewing projects,
finishing off my crocheted granny square blanket,
cup-cake baking
and flower show visiting!

But alas 'tis none of the above!

Try these:

Job interviews
(successful ones I quickly add!)

Ritalin trials
(even MORE successful I shout from the roof tops!)

Dating and dining and flirting
with successful applicants to a situation vacant.
(forgetting of names, muddling up of texts,
possible causings of offence with my sense of humour,
but all lots and lots of fun and enjoying being me!)

and finally

(well...preparing for.  Sunshine Please come back!)

So there you go.

I hope I my absence is forgiven.

(requests about which of the above topics
you would like to hear first shall
be made in the comments box please. Hee hee!)

I cannot go without thanking

for my wonderful

'Good enough to eat goodies!'

Thank you Karen.


Lots and lots of other goodies too.
Thank you.

I have also just GOT to tell you about a lovely lady
from whos blog I won a gorgeous giveaway!

One of these beautiful 'original' illustrations
flew over to my house this week, after I won a
lovely and very generous giveaway.
The fantastically talented and gorgeous Kazzy
had drawn all 10 of these pictures,
and then gave them away!
Luckily one came fluttering on to my doorstep,
for which I am very grateful.  Thank you.


After hopefully being forgiven for my absence
and excuses accepted...

just for now...

Until our return from a (hopefully)
sunshiney week of camping!

Love Claire. xxx

Thursday, 13 May 2010

How does your garden grow?

Probably a lot better than mine!
But I bet you can't grow plants like these...

Is this how you get 'Poached egg plants?'

I love these kind of seeds,
you just 'sow and go!'



not in this garden.


Hence why I have been and bought some
'Chicken wire!'

I shall cover up what I plant with this ugly stuff now,
so hopfully things will have half a chance
from now on.

But how cute is this?

Safe and warm under Mummy's wing.
Until tomorrow that is
when it's

La la lah la dee la lah!!!

6 of them are off to live on a lovely farm.

(you don't have to mad to live at this house,
but it helps!)

Enjoy your weekend everyone,
I know I shall, mine has started already!

Love claire.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Careful Mr Postman!

A couple of months ago I was eager to
learn more about these 'swaps.'

My now lovely pal Emma from
contacted me and suggested
we organise a SWAP together.

Well I hadn't even done a swap before,
but thought 'Why not?'

So we chatted a few times
about what we thought would be a good
theme, and we came up with...

We gave each other jobs to do,
and Emma had the tricky task of
partnering everyone up together.
Poor girl!

Just joking!

Anyhow, I had been partnered with

The excitement, along with the worry
about what to collect for her began!

Whilst being out and about I
have kept my eyes peeled looking
for suitable things for my swap
and have well and truly enjoyed myself.

I have wanted to keep all of it...

...but managed to wrap them all up,

put them into a parcel,

said goodbye,
and closed the lid.

All there is to do now is save up
to pay for the postage!

It is far too big to fit into one of these...

I hope you like what I'm sending you Karen.
After enjoying it so much myself,
I am pretty sure you will.

Love Claire. x

P.S.  I had contemplated sending you a couple of chicks!!!
Well apparently they ARE
 good enough to eat hee hee,
but had to give up on that idea.
 there are a couple of humourous
bits in there for you.
Expect nothing less from me eh?!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Copy Cat Cath.

If you love Cath kidston
I'm sure you have not only
 heard about the 'FREE' bag with
Easy Living Magazine
this month,
but probaly got it and using it by now too.

My Mum gets the magazine each month anyway
so I had planned on 'stealing' the bag!
But when it came, I didn't want that design,
I wanted the other one!
Oh I am a fussy one eh?!

So I bought it and got my wish.

It also comes with the May catalogue.

In which I notice this...

Hmmmm... sweeties.
But then I notice the subheading!!!

'Oh my goodness'
I thought surely not?!
'Does Cath read my blog?'
Hee hee, how funny, if only!

So I just read along, enjoying the lovely goodies,
flicking through the pages
 soaking up the gorgeous photos,
not reading the text, and I then turn
the page to see this..

Oh if only she knew what a big fan of her I am.

But then even more spooky
I turn my head to read the other page and
there before my eyes is my hometown...

Little old Macclesfield.

So how's about that then?

I wonder if Cath does have a sneaky peek
at our blogs?
We've all googled ourselves...
well I have ha ha!
She may stumble upon us from time to time eh?

Anyhow, Cath,
you really are a little copy cat you know...

Are we nearly there yet?

Thats my line!

Love C. x

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Granny Parallelograms!



Some of you may know that for my job
I am a teaching assistant in Year 6.

In my opinion, I work in the best school
with the best colleagues
and of course
the BESTEST kids in the world!
('cept for my own of course!)

Some of 'my' kids find some situations tricky...

more so than other kids...

so next week could prove to be quite eventful,
as they are taking SATS
(Standard Assessment Tests)

Anyhow, I doubt the kids read this
(hope not!)
 but I want to wish them lots and lots of luck,
and I think you're all brill!

Fancy having a little test yourself?
How is your MATHS?

Well mine is shocking,
so that is a good enough excuse for my

'Granny Squares'

ending up looking a bit wobbly!
So they are now called

'Granny Quadrilaterals'

Quote:  Quadrilateral just means "four sides"
(quad means four, lateral means side).
Any four-sided shape is a Quadrilateral.
But the sides have to be straight, and it has to be 2-dimensional.

I don't know how you do it girls!
You must have the patience of a saint,
I shall keep plodding on with them though.

But may be a Granny by the time I finish my blanket, hee hee!

Love Claire. x

Monday, 3 May 2010

Gateway to.....

Who needs a man?

If you want a job doing properly,
if you want a job doing at all,
do it yourself!

what are you thinking after seeing that photo?

That I have gone all feminist and DIY on you?

Look, if I do DIY in pink ballet pumps,
and wearing lip-gloss,
that won't make me all
butch will it?

thats what I thought,
after being fed up with brushing and
rinsing the flags free from hen poop
for far too long.
Putting up with the girls begging for food when
we eat outside!
Plus, Pie the cheeky bunny
really needed his space to be a bit more secure,
a gate was the only answer.

So I dug out my un-used,
dusty drill.

Leant how to use a saw...

...and finally

Hung a gate!

Plus it works!

I only broke 5 drill bits,
lost 3 screws (??? mystery???)
cut myself several times,
and have a splinter!


Clean flags and safe bunny.

I promise to stop now,
I shall go back to girlie me.

Love Claire. xxx

P.S.  I debated whether or not to tell you about the
FOUR trips to Wickes
asking for a really long screw
for an erection!!!

But thought it may be
pushing it a bit for all my
lovely followers!!!

Plus the chap in Wickes now
thinks I am some mentalist stalker!

P.P.S.  A girlie crafty type post next time,