Sunday, 30 May 2010


Sorry for this interruption
to your normal viewing service.

(is there even such a thing??)
will be
resumed shortly.

I'd love to say that I have been snowed under
with lots of lovely sewing projects,
finishing off my crocheted granny square blanket,
cup-cake baking
and flower show visiting!

But alas 'tis none of the above!

Try these:

Job interviews
(successful ones I quickly add!)

Ritalin trials
(even MORE successful I shout from the roof tops!)

Dating and dining and flirting
with successful applicants to a situation vacant.
(forgetting of names, muddling up of texts,
possible causings of offence with my sense of humour,
but all lots and lots of fun and enjoying being me!)

and finally

(well...preparing for.  Sunshine Please come back!)

So there you go.

I hope I my absence is forgiven.

(requests about which of the above topics
you would like to hear first shall
be made in the comments box please. Hee hee!)

I cannot go without thanking

for my wonderful

'Good enough to eat goodies!'

Thank you Karen.


Lots and lots of other goodies too.
Thank you.

I have also just GOT to tell you about a lovely lady
from whos blog I won a gorgeous giveaway!

One of these beautiful 'original' illustrations
flew over to my house this week, after I won a
lovely and very generous giveaway.
The fantastically talented and gorgeous Kazzy
had drawn all 10 of these pictures,
and then gave them away!
Luckily one came fluttering on to my doorstep,
for which I am very grateful.  Thank you.


After hopefully being forgiven for my absence
and excuses accepted...

just for now...

Until our return from a (hopefully)
sunshiney week of camping!

Love Claire. xxx


Kissed by an Angel said...

Have a lovley week!!!

Maisey's Attic said...

Hi Claire - lovely to see your post today - so glad everything's going well...especially with Finley - fantastic news!! and want to know what your new job is...and who the new man is...

Hope you have lots of fun camping...I'll be back for an your

Kelly said...

All accepted!! I have been the same hunny!!!

Taz said...

I want to hear all about the dating and maybe some tips of how I can get out and have a laugh. I've been single for over a year now but as I live in a small place with no talent it looks like I'll just have to get my kicks through yours ;)

Glad to hear the ritalin trials went well and congrats on the successful interview ;)
My workd verification is rocks btw how apt ;)

Emma said...

Fab post, but come on spill the beans, we want to know about the dating sagas!
Do have a lovely camping trip and lets hope the sun shines.
I will go to a garden show with you so you can blog abouut one lol..x

Florence and Mary said...

Now you know what they say about girls who abandon their mates for men!!! ;o)

Keep having fun girl, you deserve it and I bet I don't need to say what I want to hear more about ;o)

Victoria xx

Anonymous said...

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