Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Careful Mr Postman!

A couple of months ago I was eager to
learn more about these 'swaps.'

My now lovely pal Emma from
contacted me and suggested
we organise a SWAP together.

Well I hadn't even done a swap before,
but thought 'Why not?'

So we chatted a few times
about what we thought would be a good
theme, and we came up with...

We gave each other jobs to do,
and Emma had the tricky task of
partnering everyone up together.
Poor girl!

Just joking!

Anyhow, I had been partnered with

The excitement, along with the worry
about what to collect for her began!

Whilst being out and about I
have kept my eyes peeled looking
for suitable things for my swap
and have well and truly enjoyed myself.

I have wanted to keep all of it...

...but managed to wrap them all up,

put them into a parcel,

said goodbye,
and closed the lid.

All there is to do now is save up
to pay for the postage!

It is far too big to fit into one of these...

I hope you like what I'm sending you Karen.
After enjoying it so much myself,
I am pretty sure you will.

Love Claire. x

P.S.  I had contemplated sending you a couple of chicks!!!
Well apparently they ARE
 good enough to eat hee hee,
but had to give up on that idea.
 there are a couple of humourous
bits in there for you.
Expect nothing less from me eh?!


Tilly Rose said...

Oooh can't wait....would've loved the chicks too!
Hugs Karen x x x

Kissed by an Angel said...

How exciting!! I've just posted mine off!!

Jo said...

I hope you've taken photos of the gifts unwrapped too, so that you can show us after the parcel has been received.

JuicyFig said...

Hi there! I keep seeing your comments on other blogs, so had to pop by and say hello.

this swap business can be very addictive! can't wait to see what was in those parcels, so I hope you have the evidence!

Lovely blog


ps. unfortunatly I am the wrong Kath...

hapi-ness said...

I love the pink sparklies in your package :) Thanks so much to you and Em for organising this swap, was such good fun! x

Anonymous said...

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