Tuesday, 5 April 2011

We 'Heart' Guy!

(Warning: no pretty sewing/baking/flowery tales
to tell you in this post but something I have to share as
although it's a bit 'laddish' I've enjoyed it too)

Now there's feelings of sadness rising in this house
for our fantastic programme is nearing the end of
it's series tomorrow (Weds) evening.

'The Boat That Guy Built'

I've decided that it's sort of like a

'Kirstie's Homemade Home'

but for boys!
(...and their Mums)

For those of you who haven't seen any of this
programme it's about this chap called Guy.

Guy's a bit of a hero in the eyes of my lads
as not only does he get to have a go at lots of
engineering type bits and bobs each week,
but he rides in fast motorbike races and fixes huge big waggons
as his day job.  PLUS, he has the best sideburns since Elvis
and an infectious giggle!  His best mate Mave is his sidekick,
and they drink tea by the gallon.

Aside from all of that the series has been
following them and their narrowboat


around British canals whilst they've been
renovating, her bit by bit.

Last weeks episode saw them in my hometown of
Macclesfield on my very own canal which some of you know,
from previous posts,
runs only a stones throw from my little house.

Tomorrow evening (Wednesday-7.30) shall see the last in the series.

We'll be sad for it to end and
not have our weekly installment of
engineering boys toys.

But we can't wait to see Reckless in all her
finished glory.

We'll certainly be keeping an eye open for her on
the canal whilst out on our walks with Basil,
especially as the evenings are getting lighter.

Thinking of which...

I'm sure it's almost time for


Another favourite in this house.

Love Claire.x


Pene said...

I have been secretly hiding my love for Guy!! He is the highlight of my week I just wish they'd made the series abit longer, after all 6 episodes is nothing..
I will miss him and Mavis they are such a cute couple hehe
I will buy their boxed set which is sure to appear soon in all good dvd shops (or Play.com)just so I can relive their highlights.
In the mean time I will just count the minutes till their parting tomorrow x x

clare said...

So glad its not just me who has been watching it...lol We all love it in our house..and also will be sad when it finishes...but looking forward to watching him race his motorbikes round the isle of man soon on the TV..also mad about motorbikes in our house!!

Thanks for sharing your love..hugs clare xx

bekimarie said...

Not watched I'm afraid but does sound rather good.
I'm afraid the likes of Kirsty and all the flowery itsy ditsy has lost it's appeal for Me and would much rather watch something like this.
That said, I have absolutely no control over the tv anyway :o(

Meeeeeeeeeeeeee xx

Nana Go-Go said...

I`m so glad someone else spotted him in all his overalled glory!He reminds me of a young Fred Dibnah!I bet he would laugh his sideburns off if he knew he was the new `heart-throb` on the block!

delia hornbook said...

aawww i haven't seen this but then i don't watch a lot of TV. Enjoy the last one. dee x

Emma said...

Right Cheif xxxx

Taz said...

Have you not been watching Lambing Live on BBC 2 then? LOL

Murphyfish said...

Ah a same that the series was so short, I'll be missing them there 'lamb chops' chief!

bellaboo said...

Mr Boo was watching this,and I thought,what's this all about then..and wasn't really interested, until I gradually became aware of this gorgeous guy,(Guy!)and suddenly I was VERY interested.Seriously though it was very enjoyable and we're sad it's come to an end too! :0)

A Treasured Past said...

Hi Claire, the kids I spent a rainy Sunday morning watching the whole 6 episodes...Boy! we loved it. We did have a good laugh at the cotton/lamb remark..hahaha..Thank you for mentioning the program, Tam x.