Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A friend who came to stay....

We came home one evening to find a new friend on the doorstep!

Some of you may of heard of him...

'Herman Friendship Cake'

Friendship Cake
1 cup of greetings
1/2 cups of smiles
1 large hug
2/3 cup of love
1 tsp of sympathy
2 cups of hospitality

Preparation of Cake
Cream greetings and smiles thoroughly.
Add hug separately.
Slowly stir in love.
Sift sympathy and hospitality and fold in
Bake in warm heart.
Serve often.

He was actually left for Finn by one of his friends,
so I let him take charge of him for the 10 days you
need to keep him for.

(not sure if those hands were washed first,
but I'm sure living in this house you soon
become hardened to a little grubbiness)

After pouring him into a large mixing bowl
you need to leave him until the next day,

Then you stir him,
and then leave him, again.

After a few days he gets hungry,
so you need to feed him with some
basic ingredients,
and then leave him, again!

After 10 days of him growing
and bubbling, stiring and feeding,
you divide him up,
pass on to friends 3 of the 4 parts
you have divided him in to.

And then you add a few more goodies to the bit you kept
and bake him, and of course you then eat him!

I've not been lucky enough to sit long enough to eat
any of him yet, but from what I gather from
the gruesome twosome,
Herman tastes quite delish!

Finn didn't even know I had added
grated apple and cinnamon to the mixture,
and he didn't mind picking out some of the sultanas
I sneaked in there. RESULT!

So, I hope you won't mind if
I excuse myself and settle down
with a lovely mug of hot tea and a huge hunk of Herman.

Love Claire. x

P.S.  How good it would be if I could post Herman to you...?

If you have never been lucky enough to be passed a piece of
Herman to care for don't worry, you can start your own off
by following the instructions here.


Murphyfish said...

Hi Claire,
It sounds to me as though everyone should have a piece of 'Herman' cake me dear, Mmmmm just wondering if jiffy bags would keep him happy in the post otherwise it'll be down to my ham fisted culinary skills - bugger.

Nana Go-Go said...

What a fabulous idea! Been doing my own take on baking today!Not exactly Raymond Blanc but it`s edible!

delia hornbook said...

aaaaawwwwww what a truely wonderful idea and thing to do that made me feel all warm this morning reading your post. Dee x

Poppy said...

Hello my lovely! I’ve never heard of that before...i'm still waiting for my Herman cake. ;)

Lou xxx

moonstruckcreations said...

What a lovely and scrummy idea, my tummy is rumbling just at the thought of it!

And how crafty of you to sneak some healthy yumminess in there too!


Kelly said...

my mum made this once it was yummy!!!