Thursday, 4 November 2010

A 'DAY' at the museum.

For Finn's birthday we made a short trip
into Manchester to visit the museum.

I thought you may like to come along too,

I'll try not to say much as there are rather a lot of photos.

Little brother Jacob excited at the station,
for the first of many forms of transport.
Double decker buses, which,
of course,
we had to sit up top on
AND at the very front to pretend we were driving.

Awesome dinos!

In true PANTO style...

Ancient Egyptions, FAB!

Shhhhh.....stand still!
Mummy will think we're Mummies!

'Mummy!  Look!  Mummy!'

'Mum, can we have one?'

'Mummy, can we have one?'

'Mum, can we....?'

'Can we get...'


Now listen here you Foxy Loxy...
You come near our Henny Penny
and you'll regret it PAL!!!

Soooo cute...

References to CLUB PENQUIN and puffles
were a plenty!
(those with children of a similar age will understand!)

Whats so interesting in there chaps?

Oh I might have known!!!


'Why is our nature table not this tidy Mum?'

'Maybe because you insist on weird and strange things
being placed on it, that's why!'

I mean...rusty nails that they have dug up out of the garden....
like that's nature, right?!

This is where we were at...

....and then home, for 2 very tired boys
to put on their new matching fleecy jimmy jams
to snuggle up...  

and watch...

...this of course!

Hope you enjoyed coming with us.

Love Claire.

P.S.  Halloween Birthday party to follow soon.


delia hornbook said...

A night at the museum my boys and i love this film its fab what a lovely way to finish a great day out, what a great museum.. Dee ;-) x

Betty said...

what an inquisitive little mind your boy must have - looks like he had a lovely time. xxx

VintageVicki said...

A very boy day out - sort of thing mine loved when they were smaller - dinosaurs, mummies & poo!!

bellaboo said...

What a fab,fun day out for the boys...and you too! :0)

Taz said...

That looks like a great day out had by all xxx

moschops said...

A perfect end to a fabulous day! Dinosuars rule!


Alexandra Mason said...

What a great day! I saw that film for the first time this week i really enjoyed it :) xxx

bekimarie said...

What a great day, can't wait for Jack to enjoy this kind of stuff although would like him to stay 2 forever 'hehe'!
Love one night at the museum!

B xxx