Saturday, 13 November 2010

Jack's Union!

What a week to have this beauty
wing it's way into my arms!

Armastice day brought with it
feelings of sadness but a huge amount a pride too.

My Grandad Jim was one of the loveiest fellows
you'd ever be lucky enough to have met.

Four years of his life was spent being a
Prisoner of war
World War II.

When he died,
obviously a family losing someone
as special as him found it all a bit hard to cope with.
But we were all very proud for Jimmy to
go to church on his final day out
with the
Union Jack
draped over him.

He would be so  to pleased to know his little home,
in which my own little family now live,
has a huge and beautiful one all of it's own
to proudly display!

So how did I manage this fabulous find?

You won't believe it,
but I just walked into my favourite charity shop,
and there it lay!
Rolled up and thrown on to a pile of blankets!!!

Grabbing it I held it close,
and I tucked myself into a corner and slowly
unravelled it, soaking up the feeling you get when
you come across such a haul.

So there it lay before me,
I drink in the wonderful sight... very own,
ever so slightly but beautifully shabby,


The price????

Deal Done!

Love Claire. x


Sharon said...

how glorious to find it , especially this week, i would have grabbed it too x

Thankyou Jimmy for your service, you will never be forgotten

bellaboo said...

Some things are meant to be....and that flag was meant for you!
Let Jimmy and others like him,never be forgotten.

bekimarie said...

What a fab find, I would of bit yer hand off if I'd seen it!
Your Grandad will be looking down on you with pride lovely!

B xxx

Country Girl said...

That was a lucky find - I've seen them make silly money on eBay.
Remembering Jimmy and many more.

VintageVicki said...

What a lucky find :)

Thanks to your Grandad and one of mine who was a POW, your service will never be forgotten.

Pene said...

What a wonderful find lucky you!!
Pene x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

aahh what a fab find and lovely memories to go with it!

Taz said...

Perfect x

Betty said...

Wonderful to find and even more wonderful to display! I would love one too.

Emma said...

I can't actually write what I want to put...!
"Due to blog etiquette"
So I will just put..Give me that Flag or Else..!xxx

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic, timely find. In the States people hang flags from their homes with pride. Maybe more of us hould do it here too?xx

Florence and Mary said...

What an amazing find, you were obviously meant to have it!

Victoria xx

Amanda said...

I think it found you! A lovely, nostalgic find.

Josie-Mary said...

wow what a great find, it was meant to be :)

Kelly said...

A perfect find! Your post made me smile!