Thursday, 18 November 2010

Fancy a stroll?

I'm not sure about you but when things get a bit
too much, I like to get away from everyone,
be alone and clear my head.

I call it
P & Q
(peace and quiet)

Since having Basil this has been
much easier in the form of a walk.
Off we go, just me and my little faithful friend
and before I know it,
I'm feeling more like myself.

I took my camera out with me the
other day, with you in mind,
thinking some of you may need a bit of
P & Q
so here we are, off out, on my doorstep and
into the beautiful countryside that surrounds my little house.

It's getting a bit late before we even begin,
look, the man in the moon is out already!

That's where we're heading,
into the woods.

Past the little brook that tinkles away,
whatever the season.

Baz has found a stick,
lucky for us it's only a small one today!

I'm feeling more peaceful now,
how are you getting on?

I'm loving the colours this evening,
reflecting on my calm, and quiet canal.

Who's that coming along quietly?

I sometimes wish for a
shabby chic narrow boat rather than
dreaming of a vintage caravan?

Not sure my driving skills would live up to it.

A tight squeeze.

But she manages it perfectly.

Along on her way, slowly and calmly.

The last of the evening sun highlighting the way.

Come on Mr Duck,
it's almost dark.

Goodbye Mr Sunshine,
hope to see you tomorrow,
a fresh new day.

Come on Basil,
it's time we got back.

...and we hurry along home to our toastie warm house.

I hope you enjoyed our bit of

P & Q

Love Claire. x


Taz said...

That was lovely, I hope you're ok poppet, you've been quiet today...not like you. ;)

A Treasured Past said...

Hi Claire, what a gorgeous place for some P&Q or anything else in fact! It must be late there, have a good night, Tamara

Murphyfish said...

Hey Claire,
Thanks for sharing your walk, it certainly looks just the place for some P&Q. Me thinks that Lucy would have shattered the ambiance once she'd spied that canal though.

delia hornbook said...

Hi Claire,

It looks a really beautiful place for a walk and you took some stunning photo's i loved the walk with you infact it made me cry a little funny that. P and q we all need once in a while to recharge our battries. hope your feeling brighter. Hugs Dee x

bekimarie said...

I really enjoyed that, need a cuppa and a slice of cake now though and a little foot warm by the fire ;o)
I'm with Taz though, don't like it when you're quiet 'hehe' email Me lovely!

B xxx

bellaboo said...

That's the lovely thing about doggies,they get you out walking don't they? I find,like you,that a walk in beautiful surroundings really lifts the spirits.Love your pics Claire,it must have been very peaceful walking by the canal.
Hope you are feeling more like your old chirpy self now hun. :0)

JCS said...

Looks like such a wonderful place for some p&q. Tho my husband pointed out to me that I'd be too much of a scaredy cat to go for a walk in the woods by myself.

I have a hammock suspended between 2 of our big trees. Now our weather is getting warmer that's where I'll retreat to for some p&q.

Cheers, Judith

Amanda said...

They should have that walk on prescription, better than any pill!

Kathy said...

What a lovely walk .. I thought I did a nice walk each day with my lab, but your views are beautiful!
Walking always clears my head too ... so peaceful until we meet another dog, and Inca gets all silly!!!!
I've always fancied a narrowboat too!
Love Kathy xxx

Flossie and Tom said...

Lovely - thanks very much I enjoyed my P&Q time X

moschops said...

That was really lovely! Thank you for taking such calming photos. I feel quite relaxed now!

Baz is gorgeous!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

oohh I loved that P&Q thank you very much :-) Fab photos and what a wonderful walk.

Le Loup said...

Good post, takes me back.
Regards, Le Loup.

John Gray said...

beautifully crafted