Sunday, 7 November 2010

Remember, remember the 5th of November....?

Now then,
did you all know that
Guy Fawkes, in 1604,
tried killing off James I
by blowing up the
Houses of Parliment
with gunpowder,
so a Catholic could return to the throne?

So his being caught
and then punished in such a gruesome manner,
I'm not sure, what with me being a Catholic, I should celebrate it....

....but seeing as it is by order of
King James I
that we SHOULD celebrate it,
I do! ;o)

...and this is how my lovely little family managed it this year.

On the 5th November itself
we lit our chimnea for the bonfire.

Mummy drank Gluvine (Gluhwein)
(only to warm me up of course)
and we ate hot dogs and baked potatoes,
and melted marshmallows on our diddy bonfire.

We had our own little firework display.
Which Basil, the adorable and
completely bombproof labrador,
sat and watched with us!!!
Sorry about lack of photos, I was too busy enjoying myself.

I love the smell of sparklers.
(maybe I'm a bit odd there? Ha ha)

Now last night, the 6th November,
we went to the local Cricket Club to watch
an organised huge big bonfire and firework display.

Nothing like feeling the warmth
from the fire on your freezing cold cheeks.

We had been earlier in the day to watch the chaps
build the bonfire, which, for my boys,
provided more entertainment value than
the main event in the evening!
(forgot the camera. Doh!)

I too, managed a rather giddy moment
whilst being at the bonfire building bit,
THAT my friends,
I shall share with you later in the week!

On to the fireworks...

How tricky is taking photos of fireworks eh??!!!

I wanted to watch,
Oooooing and Ahhhhhing
with everyone else,
so you have to just take my word for it
and believe they were great,
and very very LOUD!

So, that's that.

Bonfire Night

done for another year.


I can hardly contain myself!!!!!

You all know what's coming next don't you???


Love Claire. x


A Treasured Past said...

Hi Claire, looks like you had a fab time. Tamara x

winnibriggs said...

You sure sound as though you forced yourself to have a good time!!

Emma said...

Oh I love Christmas too.
I can't wait.
Your bonfire party looked fab...x

Susie from Bienvenue said...

WE had a bonfire too and didnt even know about this neat piece of history. It was just so cold ...brrr. Thanks for sharing this :)

delia hornbook said...

Hi Claire, looks like you had a great night. It is very hard to take photo's of fireworks as they don;t always come out either, but yours look great. Dee ;-)) x

bellaboo said...

That's great that Basil's not frightened by fireworks! Bella slept her way through the night,not bothered,just barks at the really loud ones.Loved the way you celebrated Guy Fawkes night.We usually go to organised displays now,but have lovely memories of it as a child. Yeh...roll on Christmas!! :0)

bekimarie said...

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine.............

Ooooh can't wait!

No Aldi near Me so had to make do with Lidls Christmas brew, fancy sharing a bottle ;0)

B xxx