Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Lucky Lucky...!!!

A couple of weeks ago,
during one of those mornings
in the holidays
when you lounge around in your jim-jams,
the boys and I were lay on my bed
enjoying looking at Floss' holiday photos together.

One of her sons had enjoyed
making up a little competition
where you had to guess what the
picture is of.

We had a giggle guessing and
sent a comment with our suggestions.


I did tell Floss that we didn't need a prize.
That we had just enjoyed guessing.

the little minx!

Sent this today.

With it's French stamps and
labels on, I thought there is
only one person who
could've sent this!!!

We opened up this exciting parcel together.

More lovely-ness French-ness...

Beautiful and colourful maps,
in French!
(which Finn has whipped away,
upstairs to keep!)

Floss has obviously been reading
my last few posts,
seeing how I have gone
'Dog - Mad!'

You tinker you, Floss!
(CK - eek!)

Thank you so much. xxx

A prize for the boys too!
How did you know,
they're science experiments and bugs mad!
Oh yes, you have 2 boys of your own,
I guess you just
 'get to know these things.'

So there they are.
Here in Blighty,
all very gratefully received,
and now living at the foot of the peak district,
in my little (untidy) home.



Another little Tinker
has given me an award!



I have to share it
I tell you what...
If you love it
and I follow you
then please
allow me to award you with it,
as all the blogs I follow and read
deserve it!

You have to say 7 things about yourself
so here goes,


  •  love marmite

  • and olives

  • once had 42 pet rabbits!!!

  • took my driving test in deep SNOW at 17, and passed!

  • have just realised it's less than a month until my birthday...eek!

  • enrolled at Slimming World last Thursday but haven't started the diet yet...oops!

  • always use too many of these !!!!!!!!

  • and have just been racking my brains trying to think of another one but then realised I have already done the neccessary 7.  Durr!
So there we are.

Love Claire. x


carol at home said...

Wow bet your boys were pleased with their prize and congrats on your award.

Josie-Mary said...

Great gifts.... I have the same purse :) x

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

we thought that competition was fun too and what lovely goodies Floss sent, lucky you!

Emma said...

What a nice surprise!
Are you doing anything nice for your Birthday?...x

Jo said...

Congratulations on your win and award. 42 pet rabbits? Wow.

Amanda said...

Lovely prizes. I'm actually run slimming world....get started!!!!!

Country Girl said...

How lovely of Floss.
Congrats on receiving an award, too.

vintage mum said...

What a lovely suprise
Cate x

Floss said...

No problem - I'd promised Son 1 that his winner(s) would get a prize! I'm so glad that they've reached you at have gone down so well. Indeed, having two boys, it's kind of easy to guess what your two like!