Wednesday, 15 September 2010

In The Dog House!


Don't worry...
Basil is not in the dog house as such,
but we do have a Kennel!

A very kind friend
has given us this very sturdy
very large,
and VERY blue kennel.

any of you clever ladies
have any ideas for a makeover?


Get your thinking caps on girls.

I've been quite into 'shed makeovers'
of late and over the Summer
this tatty corner of the garden
got a tidy up...

I'm thinking that disclosing
photos like this should be embarrassing,
but it's real life, and i'm sure the
'Mothers of boys'
out there, will understand.

After an exciting trip to the
reclaimation yard
we came home with a scruffy old window
from what would've been a part of
a gorgeous sash window
once upon a time.

We cleaned it up and gave it some
shiny paint...

Then fastened it onto the old shed,
after it had been 'shoved' over a few feet
into it's new spot in the corner, onto some
newly laid flags,
and given a fresh lick of paint.

A lack of plants and flowers
and the hedge needs a trim
but Rome wasn't built in a day eh?!


have you come up with any
fabulous ideas for this yet?

Seeing as it will be sat next to
the other shed, in the back garden,
should they match???

A double makeover
for you to think about...

Better get cracking you lot!

Love Claire. xxx


bekimarie said...

Get you Mrs with yer shed make over!
Looks great hun!
Now I want a shed to make over lol

B xxx

dosierosie said...

Why not give it the beach hut look, not forgetting a name of course. something cheesy like Basil's base.

Emma said...

I thought Yellow would be nice.
You know just like Roald Dahl's

Dawn said...

Polka Dots??
Gawd wouldn't Timmy & Fiona love a sheep shed makeover. The beginnings of a Home and Garden reality show..

Josie-Mary said...

Love your shed....looks great. I think red :)

carol at home said...

Amazing how much the shed improved with the addition of a window. As for the kennel yes I think it should match the shed.

Jo said...

I love your shed make over, our's needs new felting on the roof before the winter comes. What a lucky pooch Basil is having his own pad. I think it should be a nice bright colour like red and then be decorated with paw prints.

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Loving the Shed! Have you asked Basil what colour he wants!!!! LOL!

Florence and Mary said...

What a makeover to the shed and windows!

Can't wait to see what you do with the kennel,

Victoria xx

vintage mum said...

Shed looks great well done,
how about black and white for the kennel a bit like a Tudor house :)

cate x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

oohh I am thinking a mini beach hut style or different colour slats :-)

Country Girl said...

Roses around the door and a some window boxes?

Kelly said...

I think shabby chic white with window boxes!!!! That way when he messes it up its only adding to the effect!!