Thursday, 23 September 2010

I'm Conkers I tell ya'!

It's a good job I love my boys
and a good job I love nature!

Perfect time of year
to combine the two...


So Mummy,
let me get this right...

I find a huge stick and throw it up at
an ancient tree for an hour,
missing it completely every time,
so then I rummage around in the undergrowth
for these prickly, nuggets of green treasure?

Which I then prise open, without spiking myself,
 to reveal the gleaming precious gem
hidden inside?

I then take upon the very dangerous task
of stabbing a screwdriver or the likes
through the centre of my shiny jewel?

Steal a shoe lace and spend forever trying
to thread it through the hole,
forget to tie a knot in the end and have to do it all over?


I get to totally SMASH my Brothers gem stone up
with mine, whilst swinging it very closely to his knuckles????

...and this is allowed Mummy?


I am led to believe,
some schools have banned this

Well it's not banned at this house.

We love it!

The boys have been entertained for endless hours,
haven't stabbed their hands,
knocked each other out with sticks.
Nor have they damaged ancient
Horse Chestnut trees,
or damaged each other with accidental
whacks from conker missiles.

The only danger is...

This guy!!!

He runs off with your stick.
He steals your stash.
 He chews them up, but soon spits them out...
(how does he know he'll get a bellyache?)

Then, when your 'two-er' is about to
triumph once again,
he jumps up and
snatches the trophy conker right off the end of your string!


Hee hee.

Hope you've enjoyed playing
with me.

Love Claire. x


Look what treat we had this evening...

Where troubles melt like lemon drops.

...away above the chimney tops

That's where you'll find me!



bekimarie said...

Can't wait to teach Jack how to play conkers although I will probably regret saying that one day.

B xxx

A Treasured Past said...

What a wonderful post, if only we had conkers here! Tamara x

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

My brother soaked his conkers in vinegar to make them rock hard. That was a lovely post = can't wait to get better and go searching out conkers!

VintageVicki said...

Think we might need to go conker hunting this weekend - I feel a family conker championships coming up !!

Silly schools - when I was young it was one of the best inter-house competitions we had.

Emma said...

Big Kid ...x
Although I'd play you!
Just down the road from my house, they have the National Conker Championships at a place called Ashton near Oundle.
It has a very nice pub there.
It's on the 10th of this month, if you fancy it?
He he ..x

Diane said...

What a beautiful beautiful post. I still collect conkers ! xxxx

JuicyFig said...

WOnderful!!! I love it when kids can play without the restrictions they put on them at school!
My daughter used to spend hours collecting the conkers, then burying them on the alotment - then telling us what she had done, but of course could not remember where she had buried them...


A Treasured Past said...

Claire, the poem was so fabulous! It made me laugh,thanks, Tamara

Murphyfish said...

Hi Claire,
Cracking post, brought back memories long lost and with a smile to boot, thank you for brightening my day.

Frugal Life UK said...

I'm just waiting for the chestnuts to ripen, roast them in the mini oven and eat them salted with a glass of wine infront of a lovely old film xx

bellaboo said...

Oh what a lovely post! Glad to see your boys are able to BE boys.This health and safety thing has gone way to far in my opinion.Basil and two peas in a pod! Thanks for the update on Basil btw.
He's doing great! :o)

Emma said...

Congratulation Claire on having a hundred followers on your fab blog...Em xxx

vintage mum said...

Thank You,
I'll save you the big one, meringue that is not a conker :)

I love playing conkers, but not shoveling them up for the green bin the little @@@@@ really hurt.
we are not allowed them at school either more social history down the drain don't get me on my soapbox :)

have a good week Cate x

Southern Queen Bee said...

WoW that is cool. Looks as though the dog had alot of fun too! I have never heard of these things..conkers. Can you eat them?

Have a great week,

snoopydog said...

Oh what a lovely post! Your beautiful 'take' on conkering brings back so many memories of my own childhood. We would spend hours throwing sticks into trees in the quest for the shiny treasure. Ros

Kelly said...

Conkers rocks!!! I bet it's so much more fun with basil to join in!!!!

Kissed by an Angel said...

Conkers must be one of the only games that doesn't cost anything to play!!! They are great fun!! Love this post, reminds me of my kids when they were young!!!

Sue at Dollytub Cottage said...

What a coincidence - me and BFF, Carol, were talking yesterday about when we made dolls' house furniture with conkers using pins in them for chair legs. (Good old Enid Blyton!)

Did you know?.......It's much more fun to play this game in the bath with bath bombs instead of conkers! Ooooooh! if only I could find a willing partner. Lots of good 'clean' fun. SueXXX