Monday, 20 September 2010

On the orders of 'Bookworm Beki!'

Beki from

wrote a post about her favourite books,
and suggest a few of us did the same.

Now my choice of books can be a bit 'rum'
(that's a Northern saying for being a bit daft/weird)
and I know after publishing this post I will
think of loads of others I should've put on here,
but here goes.

If I start off with when I was a kid,
 this was my weekly read back in 1978

Every week, my lovely Mummy
would buy me this and my brother
'Shoot' magazine!
My other brother would probably have been
reading The Guardian and Private Eye!

Then, being totally pony mad,
I moved quickly on to
by the
Pullein-Thompson Sisters

Moving on to this as I got a bit older...

My love for Roald Dahl
is enriched daily with my lovely job,
but his

'Tales of the Unexpected'

always terrified me.

I'm reading this with my class this week...
(complete with character voices and sound effects)


Whilst I did my training, this book
helped me to understand a little of how it is to live with
Asperger's Syndrome.
A great read even if it is aimed at the teenage market.


Now next up is a whole series of books
that I absolutely adored and couldn't put down!
I even researched a forum about them and
posted about how I loved them and 
NEEEEEDED the author to write another.

The Earth's Children series,
by Jean M. Auel

I am led to believe there WILL be
a 6th book and will be due for release next year...
I wait with baited breath!
(I may have to read all the others again though,
just to remind me of why I love them so)


Next a book that won't come as such a huge
suprise to my regular followers...

Basil is the spitting image of the gorgeous
but mad yellow lab Marley.
This is the moment when I say
it's so much better than the film...
John Grogan had me rolling around with laughter,
then weeping buckets!
Don't bother with the film.

Finally, I leave you with the book I am reading
at present...

Nothing much I can say on it yet, as I've only just
started it.

So, there you go...

What would have been MORE
interesting is what Finn is reading...

The Wickes Catalogue!?!

He loves it and has it under his pillow every night.

Don't dispair though, he is partial to

The Argos Catalogue

The Beano

and the odd bit of Dahl too!

Oh, before I go...those of you who may be of a similar age to me,
with children like mine, you may enjoy
finding on Youtube

episodes from
'our era'

We are listening/watching
Tony Robinson
reading the
Fat Tulip
stories at the moment.
A blast from the past for me
and fun for the boys too.

I hope you managed to get to the end of all this,
and possibly enjoyed it.

Love Claire. x


bekimarie said...

Hmmmm don't remeber Twinkle at all, you must be really old ;)
Haha, I was more of a Bunty girl myself and I'd forgotten about the Pullein-Thompson books.
Marley is actually coming to bed with me tonight, not the dog you understand, just the book so it better be good or I'll be blaming you.

B xxx

Josie-Mary said...

Love hearing about other people's favourite books. Thanks for sharing :) x

VintageVicki said...

Ignore Beki - she's not that young ;) I remember Twinkly - we use to get a copy each week.

Loved Roald Dahl too - Danny the Champion of the world was my favourite.

Kathy said...

My sister read the Twinkle and my brother The Shoot. I'm a bit older ..I got the Schoolfriend.
I quite agree about Marley & Me ...having a lab ourselves I sympathised with the naughtiness at the beginning .. but, oh, it broke my heart at the end. I had tears rolling down my face!
Love Kathy xxx

Florence and Mary said...

My dad always used to come home from the newsagents with a paper for him and Twinkle for me and I'd get the annuals at Christmas. I just recently brought the annuals for childhood years and had so many memories come flooding back.

Victoria xx

JuicyFig said...

I was a MANDY girl myself, my dad used to read the 'Valda' stories to me from it.
I moved onto MAD magazine though, and The Eagle - I was always a strange child.


Alexandra Mason said...

I loved reading Twinkle every week and getting the annual for Christmas :) I loved horse books too, my favourite was Prince among ponies, i found it at my Moms the other day and read it again xx

vintage mum said...

I too was Bunty girl, I'll have to save the rest or I'll have nothing to post :)
Cate x

bellaboo said...

Loved 'Marley and Me'..the book..but couldn't watch the end of the brings it all back when you've been through that final visit to the vet...heartbreaking.Loved hearing your choice of books.Thanks for sharing. :o)

Country Cottage Chic said...

Well....I've read every single one of your books too! We obviously have very similar tastes in books.


VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

My youngest sister had Twinkle - I had Jackie - much more sophisticated!!! Agree totally about the Jean M Auel books although the film with Daryl Hanna was pretty dire.

Kelly said...

I remeber Twinkle and I'm 32 so i reckon it must be Beks that's old!!!!
I'm not sure if it was actually out every week when I was little or if my nanny used to buy me the annuals?

Diane said...

I'd forgotten about Twinkle! My sis used to get it - and "Bimbo"!! (which explains a lot!!!) My next door neighbour used to pass me "Diana" "June and School friends" and "Bunty" all of which I loved. xxxx

Sarah said...

Ive awarded you a blogger award if you want to pop on over xx

Heidi said...

Growing up I was all about mysteries and horse stories, I loved Black Beauty and Flika I think thats how you spelled it.