Sunday, 9 January 2011

Swallows and Amazons

Happy New Year folks
etc etc...

I'm not really one for New Year
and settled myself down for an evening of
tea and Christmas leftovers.

My cyber friends soon put pay to THAT!
We had such a giggle, so I'd just like to
thank you.

Well, 2010 started one way for me
and finished on a completely different level.

I'm not going to go into details but I was
very happy at either end of the year and all the
inbetweenie bits too.

Anyhow, that's enough of that.

Who else is looking forward to Spring?
Is that a daft question?

Well it's all about new beginnings
and after a cold and dark Winter
it's welcome relief for anyone.

Do you know what I'm looking forward to?


Ha ha, I'm back at work tomorrow
for the first time since
15th December!

Oh I love my job, hee hee.

But really, I just can't wait,
if it's not frosty or snowy or Christmas
then I'm through with Winter
hurry up Summer

Lots of Summer wholesome adventures for my boys hopefully,
all in the style of this...

Have you ever read it?

Remember this post?

I happen to have nearly-almost bought one!!!  eek!

I can't tell you anymore on the subject just yet
and it's not really all that vintagey,
but hopefully he shall become the home of
many many exciting adventures
for my gruesome twosome this Summer.

Watch this space,
as soon as I dare, I'll let you see

Love Claire. x


A Treasured Past said...

Fingers crossed Claire, anticipating a fab post soon. Tamara x

Josie-Mary said...

Love that book :) Yes some sun would be nice now!! x

delia hornbook said...

wow when i saw your heading i thought Nooo it can't be how funny. I will explain. I had just looked up Swallows and Amazons on google, as tomorrow im going with my Son and his school to watch the play in Bristol at the Old Vic theatre. I have never read the books and wasnt sure of the story but i am now.

And i agree roll on the summer i can't wait for it either. We saw the sun here yesterday and although it was cold i sat in the park with the sun on my face and it was so lovely. Have a good week. Dee x

bellaboo said...

Ooh,I'm excited now! Lets hope we have a brilliant Summer this year.
Have a good week.
'Woofs' to Basil from Bella. :0)

Florence and Mary said...

ALL I can think about is holidays at the moment!!!!

Victoria xx

Taz said...

One of the better NYE's I've had for a very long time ;) xxxx

bekimarie said...

I'm hoping to join you in those adventures but of course you need to get your butt down here for Moi to do so ;o)

B xxx

magsmcc said...

How rude to coment for the possibly first time ever with an invitation- but I am emboldened by Swallows and Amazons- surely here is a bloggiste who would like to join a little Wind in the Willows blog event on January 21st?! If not I shall continue to read anyway!

Nana Go-Go said...

Hope your boys know what an `awesome sauce` Mum they have? Of that I`m very sure! I used to love `Swallows and Amazons` back in the day. The nearest I`ve ever got to the wind in me sails was last summer boating on a very large lake in Pitlochry - I was scared s*******! So much for my fantasy about being Captain Jack Sparrow`s Pirate Queen!

Poppy said...

Hello you, for some reason i missed this post! You and the boys are going to have so much fun in the summer holidays.

How is the blanket coming along???
Lou xxx

Debbie said...

Summer holidays will be here before you know it! And then Christmas... again!lol
By the way, I`ve got over 7 lovely give-aways going on my blog and would love if you were to enter!
Many thanks in advance!


Southern Queen Bee said...

How are you...hope you are well.

Kelly said...

Hey hunny xx we are planning a few trips and holidays! Now I'm on maternity for the year James' time off can be used to far more effect! Such a shame :)

jackanne said...

hello claire, missing your lovely posts hows things? xx