Monday, 26 July 2010

Caravan Of Love...

A few years back
everyone started to get the
'Camping Bug!'

Me included!

Even good old
Cath Kidston
cashed in on it,
producing some stylish gear
in her fab fabrics.

Well folk have progressed
this year and have developed
another bug...


Now my tent is sat
beautifully packed away in its
very own shed in the garden,
and during the Winter months,
hibinates in the loft.
If I say this very quietly,
in just a whisper... she can't hear

...I am hoping she will start to
grow herself some wheels!

Just have a looky at this vintage beauty...

Beautiful Constance
is featured in this great book...

She is a bit of all-right is old Connie.

I'd love to be able to tell you that
I took these delightful photos of her...

But alas...

I have not been that lucky.

But if you visit HERE
you too can also have a nosey
around at her interior and a few others
to boot.

In the 'afore mentioned'
gorgeous book
'My cool caravan'
on pages 12 to 15
you will find the little tale
of Lydia, a lucky lady
who is the proud owner of a

'Cheltenham Springbok'

see HERE for a couple of the same photos
used in the book.

Well this is where I would love to tell
you that I am the proud owner of
such a wonderful 'van'
but nope!

Mind you...
if I were to bid only
last week
on Ebay, for the exact same
model, PRE-restoration,
I could have been the proud owner of one.

It went for £415!!!
Now I don't think thats too bad a price.
Obviously a lot of work needed,
far beyond what I could manage,
but a few months for her
in a specialist garage,
and I think you'd be on to a vintage winner!

Thanks for reading today,
I'm off to dream of Summer holidays
in my very own 'van'
lay listening to the rain on the tin roof,
and not on the canvas for once!

Love C. x


Josie-Mary said...

I'd love a caravan but I can't drive so it's not much use! Although one sat in the garden would be nice too. Growing up in the 70's this was our annual holiday, we always went to the same place in Cornwall. My parents still have a caravan & use it all the's not a nice as Connie! Sometimes we'll have afternoon tea in it just to feel like we've gone away! x

Florence and Mary said...

Constance is fabulous isn't she!

Victoria x

Emma said...

That is Lush, as they say in Wales, I want one...!
I am off to drool over that site..x

bellaboo said...

I LOVE Constance!I hope you have a fab holiday in your 'van and the weather is kind to you.

Bellaboo :0)

bellaboo said...

Sorry! Should have said your 'dream''s been a long day!


Floss said...

Oh wow, oh wow! I love my tent, but one of those caravans could convince me to swap!

My boys are both absolutely chuffed to see that you and your boys had a go at Son 1's quiz.

VintageVicki said...

Me too - I lust after a caravan.

Am hoping in a few more years when its just me & MrVV going away we might be able to afford a little van.

I have that book - its gorgeous :)

vintage mum said...

My daughter's off to newquay camping this weekend. I think I would rather be in a caravan, there is something special about them, could it be the rain on the roof or the seagulls running up and down first thing in the morning, great memories.
cate x

Diane said...

Gorgeous!!! I too am the campsite snorer - infact last year someone in the next tent woke me up laughing at my snoring!!! I love my tent. xxx

Southern Queen Bee said...

Those are so cute! Love the colors. Have a great week, Missy

Taz said...

Oh I'd love a van like that, especially after spending our last trip under canvas in the rain - no fun!

Country Girl said...

Not a fan of caravans generally but that one could have me changing my mind!

Kelly said...

I love it!!!
I have a caravan of my own in italy, its a little newer than constance but I'd just love to pretty it up a bit! Mind you I share it with my brother, not sure how he would feel about it!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

My nan and grandad have a retro caravan that is very similar , it has such a homely feel. In fact we were in there last week in their garden whilst it was raining, so cosy inside.

bekimarie said...

She's just like the one I have parked in my garden.................. yeah right, I can dream though........... can't I?

You can't beat hearing the rain coming down on the roof of a caravan!

B xxx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

NNNOOOOOOOOOOOO! Dont post fabby books on blogs!!! I went straight to amazon and bought it plus the two suggestions......