Monday, 12 July 2010

A couple of 'tarts' in Bakewell.

A while back my fabby friend Emma and I organised a SWAP.
find her here at  Em's shabby shack.
We got on so well that we still chat often on the phone
and have mentioned meeting up several times...

...and so we found ourselves meeting up in Bakewell!

We both forgot our cameras
(WHAT???  Is that a blogging crime???)
So whomever took these lovely photos that
I have found on Google Images
please forgive me stealing them.

So there we are, two mad women who
can both talk 10 to the dozen,
let loose in this gorgeous area of
the country. 

Lots of coffee stops and
lots of Em laughing at me drinking Peppermint tea!
She's so used to me drinking wine whilst we chat in the evenings.

We had a good old rummage in junk shops,
antique shops, fabric shops and lots of the many lovely trinket and gift shops.

Plus a visit to here

Although I am on the STRICTEST of diets of late,
I still bought a pudding, but for my Mummy,
as she had collected the boys from school that day so
I could stay out longer with Em.

We found a funny little shop in the corner
of a pretty little court yard that had wonderful hats displayed outside.
We had a mad few minutes trying them on,
Em managed to snap us together on her phone!

We were acting daft and the shop owner came out
so we made a sharp exit, running away
giggling like 2 naughty school girls!
I have promised her that
I will only put this snap on here if I explain that she
was pulling the silly face on purpose!  Bless her.

So, there you have it.

" 2 mad tarts in Bakewell!"

Thanks for a great day out Emma,
here's to many more.

Love C. x


vintage mum said...

Oh to be young and care free
and trying on hats :)
hope you enjoy more of them

Cate x

VintageVicki said...

Oh you both look like you were having fun.

Nice to have a silly, giggly, girly day out isn't it :)

mad about bags said...

looks like you had a really fab day!!
i love the way friendship can grow on all our lovely blogs!!!

bellaboo said...

Nice to catch up with your blog.Looks like you have been having some lovely trips.Loved your Bakewell fun post!
Happy Days!

Bellaboo :0)

Anonymous said...

Haha I look like a crazy women!
But it was fab meeting up with you and I look forward to our next adventure xxx

winnibriggs said...

Have just read about your antics on Ems blog. I wish you hadn't said that people will gat a word in at our blog meet with you not there, as I don't think they will with me!!. Love your sense of fun, just up my street (including the hat episode). May you continue to have such happy dates!

Florence and Mary said...

The Blogging Police want you in connection with crimes of camera neglect.....

Victoria xxx