Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Coop to Quiche in Minutes!

Well known for being versatile, 
and ready packaged in their own
bio-degradable wrappers...

...locally produced,
having ZERO food miles...

...and 100% satisfaction of quality...

...are my very own
'Henny-penny's eggs!'

Can I ask you a question?


I just did ha ha,
well here's another...

What's the difference between


'Cheese and Bacon Flaniche!'

I wasn't quite prepared enough to make my own pastry,
besides, there was some in the freezer, ready made.
Fair enough it was of the puff variety
but I think this added to the rustic quality of my 'Flaniche!'

I had no recipe,
so I sort of just made one up.

The boys asked for seconds and begged
for it to be made again!
They even have a slice in their 'Butty-box'
for tomorrows packed lunch.


More wholesome, traditional, homecooked food.
Not too hard to achieve is my little challenge that I set myself.

Next time I will make more of an effort and
attempt the (I believe) very easy task of making my
own pastry!

Love C. X

(with a very full tummy)


bekimarie said...

Looks yummy!
I never make my own pastry anymore, find it such a faff, stick with what you know ;)

B xxx

p.s so badly want chickens but OH having none of it, says they attract rats :(

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

How very dare him say such a thing Beki!!! lol

You tell him it's a very brave rat who'd come to steal Sarah's, Wendy's, Delia's, Daisy's, Pie's and the 3 remaining (very large) chick's food I tell ya!!!! Mind you, living so close to the canal as I do, we probably have them anyway! Ugh...did I just admit to that?! x

retrorevival.biz said...

So glad I found you (from following MY blog!). Your blog is lovely! And I'm thrilled to have found another chicken lover!

JuicyFig said...

lol! I just looked up flans and quiches - wish I hadn't bothered!!
Either a flan is hot and a quiche is cold, or a quich is made with eggs, a flan with jelly...? confused yet?

Whatever it was you made, it looked very tasty. I hope your girls are proud ;~)


Floss said...

Well, I am impressed! Our current surplus is tomatoes, and I'm afraid I'm going to do the buying a roll of puff pastry thing to make a French tomato tarte recipe I've found. But I do always make 'ordinary' pastry myself - it's very relaxing by hand, or very easy in the food processor if you're in a hurry. Thanks for your comment!

dosierosie said...

I'm with bekimarie over this, i always buy pastry mainly because I'm useless at making it, so good luck.

vintage mum said...

Looks delish, would never have thought to use puff pastry, will have a go at that tomorrow thanks
Cate x

Have you ever heard the saying "real men don't eat quiche" I don't know where it comes from though :)

Taz said...

Ummm recipe??? Come on share woman! :D

Vintage from the Village said...

Cor nice flaniche !!
We are only getting one or possible 2 eggs a day now from our 3 hens so stocks a bit low !
The word probably came from cafe/restaurants so they can charge twice as much than for flan.
Bit like milky coffee to latte !

Autumn Mist said...

Lovely blog (I read loads, always a good sign!) We have a Henny Penny too. Drop by my blog some time, you'll be very welcome.

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Gosh that looks yummy. I miss eating eggs.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

oh scrummy yummy - i really must make a egg and bacon flan/quiche soon :-) Never made one before and am not sure I am brave enough to wing it on the recipe like you did.

winnibriggs said...

Hi Claire, thanks for your lovely comment on my last post. I'm a bit like you reading stories into my pictures. I am so jealous of some of these artists!
Love the look of that Flaniche, if you are to make it again you must have some idea of the recipe! Please share it looks great.
Jenny x
PS Isn't quiche just french for flan?

twiggypeasticks said...

That reminds me of the French and Saunders sketch years ago, a couple of old dears talking about incomers to their village. One of them shouted and she made me an egg and bacon flan and called it a KITCH :)
looks lovely whatever you want to call it .
twiggy x