Thursday, 22 July 2010

Film and Munchies Night!

As I type I am balanced
upon the edge of my 
big bed
as it has
been taken over by boys!!

No you rude girls,
not men-boys,
(Claire rolls her eyes!)

I mean
my 2 cheeky sons!

We are having a
DVD night.

We have the curtains closed,
the  TV stood on the
(vintage ;-)
at the foot of the bed and
bowls of chocolates
sweets and crisps!

We're watching...

For those of you who haven't seen it already,
or those of you who have no children
of a certain age to watch it,
just get it anyway!

The Nanny McPhee films
are based upon the story books
Nurse Matilda

This is a lovely film...
in my opinion there's
more action in it than the last
Nanny McPhee film.

My boys are totally engrossed in it,
and I am totally blown away with all the
adorable gorgeous
used as props!

the lovely farmhouse
that the family live in...
they have PIGLETS!!!


...and for us all to survive
this Summer holiday...

is Nanny McPhee!!!'

Hope you're all

Love Claire. X



2 boys.
Very cute,
very cheeky
and will
make you laugh
until you wee!

(Oh Claire!)

I shall draw up a
rota for you all shortly


bekimarie said...

Loved the first one so can't wait to see this one, hoping to get it to watch over the holidays. Although Jack probably a little too young and Jess considers herself far too old so I guess I'll be watching on my own unless I can persuade OH to watch with me, not that I'm complaining of course.

B xxx

Jille said...

I loved this film too. What an era to live in!
Jille x

Taz said...

LOL What are you like!

I'm taking the smalls to see Toy Story 3 on Saturday - I'll be shoving thousands of hankies in my pockets as I've already been warned it's a snotty ending and my babies leave for their 2 week hollybob with their Dad the next day. I'm filling up already! :o

Taz said...

You seriously want a picture of my half weeds half strawberrys veg patch? LOL

Emma said...

That's so funny we watched that the other day too.
I loved it!....I want to live in that house, I want the Mums cloths and I want Nanny McPhee with a small c and capital P to live with me.

angel said...

I loved the first film so i gotta watch this one, great stuff. :D

I hope you dont mind me nipping over from Bekimarie's bloggy fingy, but i saw mention of Hens and had to lookie in on you.
Lovely blog honey. :) XxX

Florence and Mary said...

I can't wait till Brody's old enough to invite round for movie nights!

Victoria x

jackanne said...

well how did movie night go? my big son and girlfriend aged nearly 22! went and saw toy story 3 last night..did they take little brother age 12.... did they heck!! went, then came back and bragged about it to him... sods!!!! so a trip to the cinema is happening soon!..we are off to Beamish in a few days so should be fun.have a good weekend with your boys. xxxxx

bellaboo said...

The first one was brilliant...even Mr Boo enjoyed it!
He's just bought a lovely flat screen telly/DVD for the bedroom,so we'll be christening it at the weekend with the latest Nanny McPhee!

Bellaboo :o)

Vintage from the Village said...

I still havn't seen the first one, Miss V will rarely sit through a film at home which is a shame.
Great excitement here as Mr V's birthday tomorrow and a Blu Ray player is being delivered !
Have a great weekend x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

What a fab film, just watched this this afternoon with my kiddies and Mum :-) The kids loved it (well the little one not so much but she did like the swimming piglets - but then she is only 2 and has a very short attention span).

Fab film! Will have to watch the first now.

dosierosie said...

Sounds like I need to see this film.
I haven't seen the first one either.

winnibriggs said...

HI Claire
Sorry not up for hiring cheeky boys....anyway they've seen the film now I haven't. Need to watch it with chocolate and wine (and no boys)! Only kidding I bet they're lovely really.
Thanks for the comment on my post, my brother would have tied me to a tree and left me....

Kelly said...

I was just saying to James last night I can't wait for the baby to be born so I have an excuse for watching childrens programmes and films!!!
I may have to but Nanny McPhee to 'put aside' for the baby of course!!!