Saturday, 24 July 2010


Seeing as it's on my doorstep
I just HAD to go didn't I?

Be rude not to really!

Friday morning saw myself and
'The Grusome Twosome'
take ourselves off to the

Tatton Park Flower Show

After the short journey of 15 minutes
to get to the show,
I was sick of hearing hails of
the name of this very blog!

What is it with my pair?

We arrived, parked in the gorgeous
parklands of Tatton,
very close to these guys...

At one point Jacob was worried for his
sausage rolls,
the Fallow Deer
were so close!

Then Mummy spotted this...

Well, you're getting to know me now eh?

Finally we are at the gates,
about to buy our ticket
(Mummy isn't organised in the pre-purchase
of such things!)
When a lovely lady came up to me and
offered me a spare ticket that she had!
Talk about being our
'Lucky Day!'
Plus, kids go free!

So we're in,
sun shining,
boys smiling and
we make our way to here...

Mummy loved this...

and this...

and lots more!
But boys were getting hot and bothered
in a very warm marquee,
so we went back outdoors to find
the show gardens.

Best in Show
was, in my opinion,
a little drab,
but it didn't 'float my boat'
as they say.

Finn on the other hand
loved it,
he has had a new camera recently
and it was the best form of entertainment
for him here,
he took well over a hundred shots,
and several of the gardens I didn't
really go mad for.
It just shows you how
boys differ so much from girls
and what they like.

The flower marquee was
Full of the heavenly scent of these
beautiful roses.
They're so perfect
they don't look real!

Then we found some veggies...

Fantastic Hen houses...

Bee hives...

Shabby chic gardens...

Cottage charm...

Potted up some plants...

Stopped for refreshments...

(great plans are now afoot for
the building of a wildlife pond!)

Tested EXPENSIVE chairs...
(this is what happens when Mum is in the coffee queue!)

Got told off for throwing a pepple in the posh
show garden pond...JACOB!!!!

Fell in love with more roses in the
floral arrangement marquee...

All in all...
had a brill day out!

Hope you enjoyed sharing our lovely
time together.
(what's in that bag Mummy?!)

Some of the above pic's are
Finn's own handy work.
I'm impressed!

Oh...nearing the end of our busy time,
we stumble across the
Childrens Creche
strolling along up to it,
thinking it will be for toddlers,
and cost a fortune...
we see it is full of exciting big guy toys
and it was FREE!!!
So, there I was,
with 2, yes TWO hours
free childcare, on a
gloriously sunny day.
I felt the pull too strong and
was FORCED to sit in the sun
with one of these...

Hmmmm Pimms!

Then I realised I was missing my
little mates, so quickly ran back and
reclaimed them!

So, there you have it.


Love C. x


JuicyFig said...

What a lovely show! What was in the country living bag??? ;~)
I would have found the temptations too irresistable I think!


Scented Sweetpeas said...

Wow what a fab day, so wish I could have gone to that! oohh isn't it frustrating when you come across loads of gorgeous things but then have to cut your viewing short as the kiddies get tired/bored/hot etc. Those gardens look lovely, especially love that pebble pond, how can you get told off for throwing a pebble in a pebble pond lol :-)

Vintage from the Village said...

What a lovely day you had ,I wish I was rich enough to say I bought the radio- it was a present from my generous Mum in law wha buys me lovely suprise Cath presents every birthday :) I would hardly have any otherwise !
Have a great weekend x

bekimarie said...

Looks like a great day, you could of come and picked me up on the way ;)
Now tell me, did you buy any of those gorgeous cushions?

B xxx

vintage mum said...

So glad you managed to get there and it was much better then you thought :)
Cate x

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

What a lovely day out. I love the picture of the deer, the camper van, the roses.

Mary Poppins said...

Ohooo you should have popped in for a cup of tea ;0)A lovely day and have been myself, though not this year. Think I recognise the pretties in the shabby chicy photograph, think a lovely lady I know who I occasionally buy pretties from and she makes over the furniture too, she is very friendly.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful day with us :0)


winnibriggs said...

Despite our fab Friday, I am green with envy! Bit far for a one day trip from here but perhaps I can swing a weekend away next year!
Love the shabby chic garden, but am with you re the 'best in show', not my cup of tea at all.
Thanks for some wonderful piccies from you and your new camera crew.

Emma said...

I am so Jealous, I wanted to go with you, I could have had a pimms or two!
It looks like a brill day out, so I am coming next year!
Loved that shed too.

dosierosie said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time and great photos.

Taz said...

Looks fabby whats in the bag!!! :)

Diane said...

I love Tatton - but sooooooooooooo dangerous for the wallet!!! The last time we went, we had to lie to get my daughter into the creche as she was a couple of years older than the age limit and desperately wanted to go in - we had an hilarious moment when they asked her dob!!!! Great photos. Perhaps I could make a chair with my patchwork!!!!xxxx

Debbie said...

We had plans to go today... but the weather is dreadful... once again!
So sadly,we will be giving it a miss!
We will try again, next year!
So it was very nice to see your lovely photos...
It seems that I`ve missed a lovely show!


P.S- Your boys are super cute!

a mermaids purse said...

you have such a lovely way with words- i love the way you tell your exciting day out! so glad you shared it with us! oooooh i loved the piccy of that patch work chair- how truly magical! ive had an idea with my inherited arm chair which looks stuck in the seventies!
what a lovely show!...i missed the cornwall show and was very sad about that! cos it is a lovely one to see. loved the flower piccys of the wild flower gardens best.
and that sweet piccy of you with your boys ;0) xxxx

Taz said...

Thanks for your comments hon - you couldn't have said it better (((hugs)))
That's exactly it, I want my girls to have 'that' relationship with him and it's my frustration that he doesn't always do his bit towards it that's frustrating.

Yes they will have a great time and Yes we will have a FABBY time xxxx
(P.S. I take it you don't want me to wear high heels on our meet up then? LOL)

Maisey's Attic said...

Hi...just been catching up with your posts....I've missed loads!

Lovely to see you

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

i lob you aunty claire , follow me, nobody else does :'( x

sweet birdy love said...

Ooh, wish I lived closer looks like you had a wonderful time and a bonus 2 hours of child free time to boot.
Love the photos, enjoyed my visit to your blog.

From one Claire to another.

Florence and Mary said...

I love the wallpaper in that picture, I think if I'm right it's Sanderson and they did a yellow version too but can I find it anywhere, which is probably a good thing as I'll end up attempting to wallpaper my bedroom which I don't really think would be successful!

Victoria xx