Thursday, 29 July 2010

To Infinity and Beyonddddddd.....

Like many other 'LUCKY' children
this Summer
my boys were treated today to a
special trip to the cinema!!

To see...

Buzz and Woody have always been
heros in this house...

Remind you of anyone???

Finn has enjoyed doing a
using his new camera...

'...Hey Buzz, look, Finn has a new toy!'

'Woody, it's OK, Jacob and Finn will,
never throw us out.  But thats not to say
their Mother won't sell us on EBAY!'

 At least no one else can see you in the dark cinema
wearing your 3D glasses...

 (How very fetching, NOT!!!)

Unless you can't bring yourself to remove them,
 for the rest of the day!!
Even when you have to go looking for a new car for Mummy...

Unfortunately Jacob,
that one won't fit us all in,
let alone tow a vintage caravan.
(yes, still dreaming!)

Love Claire. xxx



jackanne said...

Cheers for the piggy remark Claire!!lol! Omg i was thinking of you today as i was washing my daughters "DOROTHY" outfit its going to the car boot on sat,it looks real nice blowing on the line, not a rainbow in sight though!ha... your boys look so cute in the outfits bless them ..xx

Floss said...

So funny - Son 1 (aged 13 for goodness sake) was wearing his 3D glasses in the car on the way to the tip yesterday! He wants to check if they affect how he sees car windows, which are polaried, apparantly...

And - you have won his quiz! Congrats. Pop over to see the answers, and do get in touch for the prize.

bekimarie said...

Now which ones are the real Woody and Buzz?

Jack is Toy Story mad but sadly too young to take to see it so we'll have to wait for the dvd :(

B xxx

Emma said...

To infinity and beyond.....!
Oh and I believe in fairies..x

Josie-Mary said...

Did you cry? I've heard it's really sad :(

Southern Queen Bee said...

Oh I just loved that movie,although it did make me cry.

Florence and Mary said...

I went and saw TS3 last week and LOVED it! I've got to buy myself the Barbie and Ken dolls now! My brother has brought my nephew all the toys and is decorating his room in the style of Andy's!

Victoria x