Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Bootylicious looty!

Don't all faint at once,
but THREE posts
in ONE week?
I've come back with avengence eh?!

On Sunday I awoke with no hangover!
That's what happens see,
when you give up the vino.

So I'm there, lay in bed listening to the birds tweeting,
wondering what to do seeing as the boys were at their
Dad's house for the weekend.

Sunday morning...
the options are...
Church or Car booting!

I choose car booting
(you sinful girl you!)

So I quickly dash around and get ready
and i'm off out with some spends in my purse.

I not only visit the most huge and most massive car boot in the world
(I think!)
But I go to TWO!
My poor little fiesta is groaning carrying all my goodies home,
but i'd managed to get all the treasures in there,
I just had to get it out at home now.

So here it is!

2 mirrors
1 drop leaf table
(shortly to be adapted as my new sewing table)
1 set of shelves
(already painted and awaiting a freshly decorated bedroom of mine)
1 cute wire basket for my gorgeous henny penny's eggs
1 sweet cross stich picture
1 Lloyd loom ottoman
(I think it is anyhow)

So there you go!
What a stash,
looking at it on there I really have no idea how I
managed to get it all home.

Sooooo cute.

my friends,
was my most favourite find of the day!
I am not really sure I should tell you how much it was either!
Sooooo tempted to sell it on but it is quite happy at the end of my bed now,
with bedding in it, just like it should be.

Bless...feel the love girls!

These shelves have already had a bit of a make-over!
I just couldn't wait!

The finished article will star in it's own post shortly.

So, would you all like to know how much things were???
Well thats half the fun for me, the haggling.

Shelves £2
Basket £4
Picture 50p
Round mirror £5
Large mirror £11 (eek!)
Oak drop leaf soon to be sewing table
with shelf and wheels £5!
and the

Next time I shall take you with me and snap
some piccies of the action eh?!

Love C. x


Vintage from the Village said...

Jammy cow !!! I mean - didn't you do well you lucky thing xx

Michelle said...

wow - what fantastic finds !!! I soooo miss boot sales :o( Can't wait to get over to London during the summer and go to at least one. Not sure I'd get all that back with Ryanair lol

Emma said...

Didn't you do well..!
Loving the gate leg table, bloody bargin...xxx

vintage mum said...

if you make a bit of room in the back of the car for me I'll be the paparazze :)

I love seeing what everyone finds
can't imagine how you got it all in the car

Cate x

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Wow amazing haul!!!!
Excellent finds, love the ottoman, I have one I got on ebay and have spray painted it cram as it was a nasty green colour. I just need to re do the fabric top now.
Love all your bootie.
Have a lovely week.
Luv Sophie xxx

Florence and Mary said...

Ok so you don't post in months and you come back with ones that are making me seethe with jealously!!! I want that ottoman... I've never seen one yet on my travels.

Victoria xx

Country Cottage Chic said...

Lovely finds - especially the ottoman!

Jayne (turning ever so slightly green)

Country Girl said...

Thats quite a haul! And amazing bargains, too.

Vintage from the Village said...

I have just spotted an ottoman like yours on the Vintage Home website for £98 !!