Friday, 2 September 2011

Didn't we have a luverrrly time, the day we went to Bangor....!

Well, if I'm honest it was further than Bangor, it was actually Anglesey,
but we did have a lovely time the day we drove through Bangor in North Wales
for us to get to our final destination.

I'm not sure if you're actually allowed to drive over the Menai bridge with
a caravan hitched on the back but we did!  Then back home
over the Britannia Bridge with her...just because I can, hee hee!

Now if I'm really honest with you it wasn't lovely driving
through Bangor that day, or any of the journey as it was awful weather
and the spray off the roads was dreadful, the high winds were so scary
as Mabel rocked around behind us, and I even had to pull over and stop at
one point as I couldn't see past the end of the bonnet it was all so bad.
But we found our campsite and was shown to our pitch...right on top of a huge hill!!

Would you like to see our view...?

Beautiful, unspoilt beach of Lligwy Bay.
Every morning of our 10 day stay we woke up to this
fabulous view!

The boys enjoyed playing next to our little caravan
and watching them with this backdrop was breathtaking.

We walked down (and up!) to this beach everyday,
and we played and played, whatever the weather!
....and we had a right mixed bag of it, some days so very hot,
and others so very dramatic and wet, but we made a promise to ourselves
that we would get to the beach every single day, and we did.

Finn is showing off how easy kite flying  on that one,
whilst Jacob was burying my feet!

They were such good boys,
amazing what sea air and acres of space does for them.

A day trip over to Caernarfon one day and a few goes on the fairground rides,
and back to the beach for a quick spot of this!

Plus lots of this.
(crabbing for those of you who may be wondering)

Now I haven't mentioned one particular boy up to now,
who seemed to have more fun than everyone put together on this holiday...

Basil had a great time!
Lligwy Bay welcome dogs and their well behaved owners.
(I guess that was me then, hee hee)
Owning a Labrador you soon get used to the fact that if there's water
they'll seek it out and dive in it!  Puddles, ponds, rivers and canals.
That boy swam and he SWAM in that sea every single day,
and was so well behaved he made me beam with pride.
Oh, maybe not the moment he pinched a little girls rubber ring
and ran and ran around the packed beach with it stuck round his neck
making everyone laugh!
Or maybe not the time he let himself out of Mabel and went to
visit another campers BBQ and waited patiently for a sausage!
Or how about the day that he ate so much sand and seaweed that he groaned
and moaned all night with a belly ache?
Oh we do love that daft doggy!

So, there you have it.

Another successful outing to add to the list,
along with,
towing on motorways,
towing over exciting bridges,
and towing in extreme weather conditions.

There's no stopping me now!

Thank you for reading today.

Take care now.

Love Claire. X


bellaboo said...

Didn't you indeed! It all sounds and looks idylic.That! couldn't have found a more perfect spot,even if it was a bit hairy getting there.
Basil's going to miss all his adventures.What a great bunch of memories you've brought home with you.
Happy Days! :0)

Amanda said...

You sound as if you've well and truly got the caravaning bug. Sounds like a holiday to remember.

Gem said...

Sounds like a perfect camping trip :) xxxx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos Claire xxx