Thursday, 19 August 2010

A big welcome to a lovely new blogger in town.

Remember your very first dip of toe
into the waters of blogging???

...and how your blogs blossomed!

But do you ever go back into the dusty depths of
your own archives and read those
first few posts?

I for one found it all a bit scary
and could never have believed
that anyone would want to read it!
Well there is a lovely new girl in town,
and seeing as I was given a lovely
welcome to the wonderful place of
I thought the least I could do is
to return the good deed!

Mother to sons, animals galore
and a vintage fan to boot...

...she'll fit in just fine with me!

So my friendly chums,
hop over if you have time
and if you can, give her a lovely big
'Blogsville welcome!'

Her name...

and she's

Love C. x

Welly Bob Boots
are on hold...

...but VERY much at the
toppest of my wish list!
Funds are not playing game
right now.


VintageVicki said...

What a lovely welcome :)

I have been over to visit and shall be heading back again.

Jo said...

I shall pop over and check out the new blog. Basil is gorgeous, a little bigger than Archie. I like the idea of having a new wardrobe now that we're dog owners, I wonder if hubby would agree to that.

Southern Queen Bee said...

Oh I do remember those frist blog post...heck mine still are not much better. I will pop over and give her a big welcome from the across the pond.

carol at home said...

thank you so very, very much.

Kelly said...

Lovely!! I was really worried when I did my first post!! Lucky for me Victoria introduced me! I have managed to introduce a few new bloggers myself adn i think it really helps!! I'll be sure to pop over to say hello!