Monday, 2 August 2010

Take a seat...

What I am about to show you
was supposed to be
my maiden voyage into



Ebay selling!

But typical of me,
I may have to keep it!

I bought this tatty old
Child's Chair
for my dabble at trying to
make some money to feed
my 'thrifting' habit...

Took off the ripped fabric
and the broken base.

Gave it a lick of paint,
and a fresh new fabric cushioned seat...

...and fell in love.

Well wouldn't you?

So there we go,
something else to clutter up my house.


...I can force myself and actually
sell something for once!

Love Claire. x


Nana Go-Go said...

It`s gorgeous Claire - but sell,sell,sell - if you`re anything like me, that last thing you need is another chair!...and Xmas is comin`!

bekimarie said...

EEK love it but would look so much better in my house ;)

You can join my garden party anytime hun!

B xxx

winnibriggs said...

Brilliant, but more so if you can make someones day by selling it to them....and then buying more stuff to start all over!

Country Cottage Chic said...

It's very cute & an ideal place for a teddy or two!

VintageVicki said...

Its very lovely and I can see why you want to keep it.

However try selling - than by another & do the same.

Country Girl said...

I would want to keep it too but I bet you could get a good price for that.

bellaboo said...

I LOVE it! I want to keep all my finds..but the house just aint big enough!

Bellaboo :o)

Blueberry Heart said...

oh, I LOVE it!! Hard decision though, to keep or not to keep...thats a very hard question..!!!
BH x

Josie-Mary said...

It looks lovely, I can see why you want to keep it.
I'm the same, always buying things to sell on but they just seem to find a home :) I think you should sell :)

Emma said...

I know, just pop it in your boot and when you come to visit give it to me!
There problem solved, no more worries what to do with it now, how kind of me to help...hehehex

vintage mum said...

Just the same as me I find it hard to part with anything, the chair is lovely can't you find a tiny corner :) sorry

I have been sent a really good site for the lampshade + other things

Cate x

Florence and Mary said...

Oh check you out with your fabulous makeovers!

Victoria x

Alijane said...

Love the chair you clever old thing. You have done a fab job, I wouldn't sell it either.


delia hornbook said...

aww just found your blog and i had to leave a comment about your chair. And its just to say its lovely and full of graceful charm ;-))