Saturday, 14 August 2010

Snips and snails and PUPPY dog tails...


A wet nose, soft fluffy fur
and as in this case...

...puppy dog eyes!

I just can't help myself,
maybe I'm broody?!



How cute...?!!

He is a 5 months old yellow labrador.

I am hoping that this pair bond well
and become lifelong pals,
running each other ragged!!

You know how it is...
you read a book about something and you
just have it niggling in the back of your mind...
for almost 2 years as it happens.


So seeing as I have always been a major
dog lover,
have pets galore anyhow,
and not had a dog since my teens.
I thought it about time we had one!

Think of him as a therapy dog.
Or just as my new baby,
he is sat warming my feet as I type.
(and Toby fat cat is on my lap!)

Basil is the most calm and well mannered
dog I have seen in a long while.
He seems to have a very intelligent head
on his young shoulders.

I hope he loves walking in the rain,
along beaches,
chasing sticks and camping.
Being kissed and having hugs.

Love Claire. x

The newly decorated house,
 is going to
wait a while longer for it's new flooring...

...wood throughout??!


Frugal Life UK said...

I love labs and had one.....called Ozzie. (Black.......the prince of darkness) he was the love of my life for all of his 11 years. He destroyed my house and garden; the most amazing thing he did was to tear up the entire floor's worth of lino in the utility room and eat the back seat of the car so the car looked as it it was filled with confetti, whilst I queued in the post office for a bit longer than I hoped, he also ate a whole box of chocolates and the wrappers and the christmas papers and pooed multicoloured quality street poo for days after wards...........happy days.

Nana Go-Go said...

That dawg is just toooo cute! I'm even feeling calm just looking at his pics so the therapeutic thing is definitely working!The kids look as if they love him already!Welcome to Blogland, Basil.x

vintage mum said...

many thanks for yesterdays comment :)
basil and the boys look wonderful together.
I gave in to having a dog after years of pressure, we have a saluki called Zara and I can't remember what it was like without her (hounds are a law unto themselves)
she is molting at the moment :(
but I could stuff a cushion or weave a nice rug, ha ha a new business me thinks.

Cate x

VintageVicki said...

Welcome to Basil :)

Am sure he's going to love living with you & your boys.

dosierosie said...

I wouldn't be without my dogs even if my Lab does dig up the lawn,at least it's always in the same place.It looks as though Basil has found a wondeful home.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

aahhh he is lovely, no wonder you are in love with him. We have a chocy lab who is lovely but was a little bonkers at that age :-)

Wood throughout - great idea - we have that in our house. Only thing to remember with labradors is maybe put rugs down he may spend his time skidding around otherwise which isn't fab for their hips. Mind you our labrador is more like a bear than a dog.

bekimarie said...

He's gorgeous and now I understand your FB status lol!
So, do tell, what ya getting next then ;)

B xxx

Handmade in Gibraltar said...

Dear Claire
I'm strictly a cat person but he looks and sounds a lovely boy. I bet your boys are thrilled. Mine would love a dog to take for walks too.

bellaboo said...

Aww..sweet pics of basil with the boys! We waited two years before we put the new kitchen floor down...just to be on the safe side!
Seems like Basil could teach Bella a thing or two!

Bellaboo :o)