Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I would like to dedicate this award to....

How exciting!!!
I have received my very first award!

Thank you 
Pop over and have a peep,
she's a real sweetie! 

Thanks Angel!

It's for always looking on the brightside of things,
which this last few weeks I can tell you
has been a bit tricky to say the least.

But not to worry,
life is what you make of it and
seeing as we only get one shot,
we need to grab whats left of it and try our best to enjoy it eh!

Now I have to follow the rules of the award.

I have to:

1. List the top ten things that make me happy.

2. List 5 trivia things about me.

3.Share with 5 people and ask them to do the same.

4. Link the blogs you choose and link the blog of the person who gave it to you.

Now then, 10 things that make me happy;

My mischievous boys.
Butter and cream!
Having lots of friends.
A clean house (although that doesn't happen very often!)
Being loved.
Puddings with alcohol in them.
Visiting new places.
Making people laugh.

Now I have to tell you 5 trivia things about myself!

My party trick is to do the splits whilst on 2 bar stools!
I love singing.
I can sew but NEVER finish anything!
I did Ballet and tap to grade 4 and played Rugby Union for 3 years.
I am a qualified Riding Instructor, Hairdresser and Teaching assistant.

I sneaked a few more in there I think.
So many more I could have put too!
What does that say about me? hee hee

Choosing 5 others to share with has been
SOOOOOO difficult!
But I have managed it.

Taz at Ratbag

Victoria at Florence & Mary

Now don't get me wrong, I read lots and lots of blogs
and love them ALL, it's so tricky to find only 5!

Whilst I'm here I hope we're all looking forward to our

There is still time to sign up, it's looking very good
with lots of people wanting to be involved.

Love Claire. xxx


Kissed by an Angel said...

You definitely deserve the award!! I would have given it to you myself..... oh yeah - I did!!!!
Well done though!!!

Maisey's Attic said...

Hi Claire - Congratulations!! - a well deserved award, I always leave your blog smiling.

Splits on the 2 bar stools!! lol!!


bekimarie said...

Splits on 2 bar stools, I have to see, piccies please 'hehe'
Thanks hun!

Beki xxx

Florence and Mary said...

I second Beki and want to see this party trick of yours!!

Victoria x

maryannlucy said...

2 bar stools hey?! Well that has got to be a post with piccies. Congrats on the award x

melanie said...

Well done with the award. :)n xxx

Sarah said...

Congratulations on the blog award xx

Emma said...

Awwww...Thanks Claire for passing the blog award on to me..x
So you did hairdressing too.I bet a night out with you would be hilarous. As for enjoying making people laugh, that's a defo..
Hope lifes good today with you?
Em xxx

Mary Poppins said...

Congratulations :0) Well deserved. I had to laugh at your comment, I guess you could try it. What you could do is lock yourself in, and then tie your hands behind your back or something, hmmmm though then who would telephone the firemen, Mmmmm need to go back to the drawing board ;0)


MelMel said...

Great award....thank you!

I'm popping it on my sidebar.....then I'll get round to doing it properly and also the other awards that I've not done....eeekkk norty me!

So hows you?
I'm looking forward to the swap!xxx

Kelly said...

Ha ha my party trick is that i can do a back bend! We should get together we could put on quite a show!!!!

Taz said...

Thank you for my award honey :) It took me a while but I got it posted at last.