Saturday, 24 April 2010

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...ENJOY!

Today the boys and I are going to try and show you
In true 'Blue Peter' style,
how to make life easy on yourself
and how to be kind to the planet!

You could also add to that list
that you're going to get something for nothing too!!!

Like the sound of that?
Read on!


We have planted some sunflower seeds
in homemade recycled newspaper pots!

First...You need to gather together
Stapler and staples
and an
Aerosol can
(hmmm that last one isn't very eco friendly is it?)

Next you get one sheet of newspaper
and tear it down the centre.

(Notice how easy this is?
Even the kids can do it)

Take 1 of the sheets and fold it down
top to bottom, like this...

and then fold over the 2 flaps back about an inch.

Thank you Jacob!

Next you take your can,
that has to have a 'concave' bottom like this...

and place it on the paper like so...

Roll the can along, keeping it tight and lined up
along the edges as you go.

Now then, the bottom of the can needed to
be shaped that way so you can fold the ends in and
sort of squash them in it...

Try and be neat and fold and squish as you go!
(Did Blue Peter presenters use the term 'SQUISH?')

Nearly finished now!
I told you it was easy!
You can adust the depth of the pot
by messing around with the size of the
newspaper, or how you fold it down.

Next you need to stand your can up and
crush it down on a hard surface.

Remove the can and secure the loose flap
with a staple if you wish.

It only takes a few seconds to make 1
once you get used to it.

They stand up OK once filled with compost.
But I put mine in a tray.

We moved outside and filled them with compost.
Watered them, and planted
our sunflower seeds in to them.

IF you thought that was easy...
Wait until the time comes to plant them in the ground.
You just make a hole,
and plop the whole thing in!


The roots will push their way through the paper
even before you plant them out,
and the paper will break down
easily in to the soil.

They are particulary good
for things that need a deep root,
Sweet Peas,
or don't like their roots being disturbed,
Parsnips, Carrots and Sweetcorn (?)

Try not to keep them too wet,
but obviously wet enough.

You can tear off the paper from the bottom
before planting if you so wish.

The peat pots you can buy will
obviously cost you money,
and are they as friendly to our plant
as these?  I think not.
You may save and collect spent loo rolls
but I believe the glue makes them develop mould
and not break down as well.

I hope they work for you!

I cannot take full credit for these
brill pots..
I read about them on a fab forum I use HERE.

Maybe it is a few weeks too late in the season
for you gardening experts,
but what started off as something to do with the children
has turned out to be quite an enormous post.
At last i've banished bloggers block!

Have fun.


Emma said...

Bloody brill post there Claire!
I am off to make some, I shall try them with some sweet peas.
Have you ever thought of becoming a Blue Peter presenter then?
Sending a big smile...Em xx

Kelly said...

Fabulous!!! Certainly makesplanting a lot less messy!!!

Kissed by an Angel said...

What a great idea!!

a mermaids purse said...

great idea!! funny thing is i bought some sunflower seads, so going to do your recycle newspaper!...glad u were one of the winners you have a delightful blog here x ive managed to find ya email on your profile page, cheers hun x

♥coco rose♥ said...

What a completely fantastic idea! I will be sure to be using that! Thank you so much for your great great post! xxx

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

excellent, saw a stall in Brighton doing this with tomatos a while ago it's really eco friendly definitely - have to admit I am a bit lazy and just bought little cardboard pots x 20 from poundland - but at least they are paper and will do the same job so am I maybe 50% there?

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Fab idea, love eco ideas :-) We have been using toilet roll inners this year, they work really well too.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Fab idea, I love eco ideas! I used toilet roll inners this year and they work well too.

Taz said...

Now if you were on Blue Peter I might watch it, as it is the inane one's they have now make me grind my teeth! LOL
Are you going to show us how to make a Barbie house/Tracy Island next week? :D

Taz said...

ooooh and baby chicks???? Any luck?

vintage mum said...

HI claire thought this deserved an award I love the 3 R's.

Cate x

Maisey's Attic said...

Hi Claire - love this post. I've had it explained to me before but I thought I needed to buy a special gadget to do it (no laughing please) so never got round to it. Thanks for this - easy instructions that sound doable!

Hope you're having a good week


Dawn said...

HI Claire! Been a long time since i've stopped in. Glad to see the baby chicks are here! Got your message about the email. Try
Talk to you soon!!

MelMel said...

What nifty thrifty idea!
I likey!

I've kind of missed blogland too, been so busy tho, so had to have a blog break to get back on track....
Life is mega busy whizzy!

I'm up your way this Friday night, babysitting at the "corrie" house....hehehehhehehhe!
I'll be sitting in front of that fire place......:>)))
Like Norris!xxxx