Thursday, 1 April 2010

It's Good Enough to Eat...Blog Swap

Emma from 'Em's shabby shack' and I have decided to organise a swap together.

We came up with the wonderful idea to do it based around things
 that look or smell good enough to eat.

If you think this sounds like a scrummy idea
and would like to take part then please
post a comment along with your e-mail address to myself or Em's blog
 by Friday 16th April.

Please state if you are not happy to send abroad

You will need to send your gifts to your swap partner
by Friday 14th May.

This is what we would like you to include;

A handmade item that looks or smell good enough to eat.

An item that is 'Green' or Fairtrade.

A delicious cake receipe.

A couple of items which you would consider look good enough to eat!

There are so many things that look and smell so delicious
that they could actually be...

Good Enough To Eat!

Knitted cupcake pin cushions spring to mind,
humbug hair slides
and cherry bath bombs!
Lotions and potions,
fabrics and buttons.

You're clever girls, you'll enjoy getting carried away no doubt!

Oh and don't forget to pop the Logo on your blog please......x


mad about bags said...

Would love to join your "good enough to eat" swap
my email is

Florence and Mary said...

Well I can't very well not join in your first swap can I!

Count me and I can post international if needed

Victoria xx

Florence and Mary said...

PS I've advertised on my blog for you too!

Victoria xx

bekimarie said...

Count me in hunni xxx

A Country Girl said...

I'd love to join in, please. (My email can be found on my profile page - rather not post it here)

Caroline said...

Hiya - I'd love to be included, please - great idea for a swap. Thank you - Caroline xx

TCake said...

oooh girls count me in, will post icon on blog later... what a fab swap!... Tx

Kissed by an Angel said...

Hi Claire, I'd love to join in the fun please, I have left a similar comment on Em's blog too!!! I can post international if necessary.

Victoria Plum said...

Ooooh! This sounds fab! Count me in ... I will advertise on my blog to

Jackie said...

I would love to join your swap - may I? As it will be my first swap (although I have followed many on blogs!) I would prefer to send UK - just this time though. Thanks xx

VintageVicki said...

Oh yes please count me in.

My email link is on my profile page.

Would prefer a UK person and coz she's my mate not Country Girl ;)

Will link you to my blog later when I post.

MelMel said...

I'll join in.....:>)))

Uk pls....


Nana Go-Go said...

I would really love to join your swap as this would be my first one. I don`t mind posting abroad and my email address is -

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

This will be fun, can I join in please? I will email you my details, thanks.

Maisey's Attic said...

Hi - just popping by to wish you and the boys a very Happy Easter - xxx

Boonsong said...

This looks to be a fascinating idea. Hope it goes well

Debbie said...

ive joined via Ems blog as i hit there first today! LOL Im dippy though and didnt read the instructions and worried incase it was closed! lol I will get something together before that date though ready to send straight out what with being ready to pop at the end of the month! LOL

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

can't remember if I asked to join this on Ems blog! oh well if you match me twice I don't mind! would love to join in, anywhere in the world will be fun. Thanks for organising. have put your link on my blog too. will email you my details. thanks. xxx

Kelly said...

Hey sweetie saw the swap on James' I phone at the airport! First stop in my mammoth catch up is to sighn up :) what a lovely idea!!! You know the e mail :)
I'll put your thing on my thing too :)

Alijane said...

Would love to join in, its my first swap so I would prefer to post in the UK if thats ok. I assume you can get my email address from my blog.

Looking forward to it.


hapi-ness said...

signed up at em's but just being safe :D button is already up in my blog! xx

Handmade in Gibraltar said...

Yes please I would like to join in, I think I joined on Em's blog but I can't remember . Do I send you my email or do you get it from my blog ?