Monday, 8 March 2010

Did you miss me?

To think that last Monday we didn't even know we were going away and then the next thing we're in Amsterdam!

No excuse.
No reason.
Because we can.
So we did!
(Claire giggles like a naughty school girl!)

I am a very lucky lady!

Anyway, I did remember to take my camera.

The BF spotted this lovely street, I was probably grumbling about my feet hurting, or it being at least an hour since my last glass of vino hee hee!

No worries about the time...

We went to visit this little lady's house

Anne Frank.
We got up very early on the Saturday so we could get there before the queues, and it was well worth it.  Although it isn't a joyful experience it was somewhere I wanted to visit and was so glad we did.
No cameras allowed I'm afraid.
The sobering experience deserved a glass of vino during lunch, of course!

Next stop was a brewery tour, well, you need to keep the boy happy don't you?!
This brewery being in a WINDMILL!!!
I didn't see any mice,
living in this windmill,
in old Amsterdam,
wearing clogs
or going clip clipperty clop on the stairs, oh yeah...
Well I wouldn't would I???
'cos they're all living in my blinking house aren't they?!!!

We tasted ALL the selection, and I must say, after a while, they seemed to all taste the same to me hee hee!

Plenty of these for sale.

Lots and lots of gorgeous tulips in the flower market!

Hmmmmm...more cheese Gromit?!

Another Brewery tour!!!!?!!!!(hic!)

We couldn't visit this beautiful city without experiencing all the famous sights...

Hmmm.... the above red light isn't in Amsterdam, but we saw plenty of them!
Again, the use of cameras was advised against.
(thank goodness!)
I must admit, I did have the giggles and clung tightly to BF (made him avert his eyes!!!)
 but with rather a lot of the 'DUTCH COURAGE' in my tummy it proved to be lots of fun!

So all in all, I had a lovely time, lots and lots of laughs, with the bestest BF ever!

A great big hug and a kiss for my handsome, loving and kind Boyfriend. 
Thank you for being you.
Thank you for making me feel special.
Where are we off to next? Tee hee!

Thanks for letting me share this with you all,
it was a bit of a standing joke about how i was missing my bloggy friends.

Love C. X


Kissed by an Angel said...

Looks and sounds like you had a fab time! The weather was good to you too!! I thought Anne Frank's house was going to make me feel (well something), but there really was no atmosphere!! Glad you enjoyed it!

Dawn said...

I did miss page was strangely quiet while you were gone... :-) BUT I am so glad you had a great time! The Anne Frank house is on my "bucket list" to see. I have one other friend who has been and had the same experience it seems as you....
As for the beer vino and cheese... top shelf!!

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Lucky you, what a lovely BF you have.
I really want to visit Amsterdam,especially the flower market. Tulips are my favourite flowers.
Have a lovely week.
Luv Sophie xxx

melanie said...

I'm pleased you enjoyed your trip.:) xxx

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

'Kissed by an Angel' - We studied World War 2 last term at work, as all children in year 6 do. Many of the lessons involved work on the subject of Anne Frank. Possibly that is the reason I gained so much from my trip. xxx

Florence and Mary said...

You can not investigate the red light district can you – its so bizarre!!!

Victoria x

Maisey's Attic said...

Hi lovely to see you back - your boyfriend sounds so nice, and it must have been nice to have some time just the two of you. Love all your photos, makes me want to go - could do with a break! - Hope you're having a good week xxx

Taz said...

I don't think you can go to Amsterdam and not have a good time ;)

RosieP said...

Glad you had a good time, the first time I went to Anne Franks house it was very moving and you could really feel the oppression, the second time however, they had really commercialised it which is such a shame as it seems to have lost something. Amsterdam is great though, I though the red light district was really funny, some of the sights leave a lot to be desired don't they.

Hugs RosieP x