Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Something for nothing....

They say you don't get something for nothing, well according to my rapidly expanding blogging chums you can!
I am noticing lots of giveaways, and swops and the like.
Not really sure of what to do half the time on here, it is a hands on learning curve for me all this, I have had to e-mail, ask and mither my poor new bloggy friends of what to do most of the time.
Victoria's been a Star!

I love messing around with the background and banner on here, sorry if you get dizzy with me chopping and changing, but it was all FREE! 
Hope you like it.

What with show and tell's and weight loss thingys I have a rapidly increasing diary to uphold on here!
Not sure where I should be on what day and who with.
Acually, sounds quite familiar that, it is not unknown for me to take the wrong child or the wrong pet to the complete wrong appointment on the wrong day, time or even MONTH once!!!  Durrrr!!!
Can you imagine?
'Hi, I have brought Toby for his appointment today' I proudly tell the friendly nurse.
'I'm sorry Love' she too loudly announces for my liking!
'This Audiololgy department's only for t'little 'uns, we don't do cats!  No matter 'ow much he pretends not to hear!'
Had you going then I bet!!!  Nahhh, that never happened really, but if you knew me in person, you wouldn't put it past me!

How did he get on here???
He was free!!!  Cost me a fortune since though!!!

Anyroad...I have gone off my trail here...
Something for nothing - giveaways!

 Do you enter them?
Do you all enter them ALL?
Has anyone been lucky enough to win?

It seems to make it all a more an exciting place I reckon, so I am going to enter me some.
Not sure what to put each time...PICK ME, PICK ME?!

So I shall add links and posts and linky and lanky and whatever and will prob get it all wrong, but hey ho, thats part of how I learn I guess! 

Pin-Cushion giveaway!
Can never have too many of those, and such a cutie too!

Visit Katy here for a dabble.

 Lets hope I have done it correctly.

Right my lovely, I am off now.
Night night, don't let the bed bugs bite!
Or the MICE come to think of it!
Toby 2 Trap 1 Mouse 0

I am off to Hamsterjam (AKA Amsterdam) for the weekend!
Lucky me eh?!  Last min thing with the BF.
Thou shall take camera.
Thout shall not forget to use it!
Thou shall catch you all next week!

Thanks for listening.

Love C. X


Maisey's Attic said...

Hope you have a lovely time - enjoy your time off, you deserve it!xx

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Lovely post, you made me chuckle.
your blog is looking Fab, Victoria is a wonderful blogger. Enter what ever giveaways & swaps you like. I have wone a couple of giveaways in the past year and will be setting one up on my blog soon, so keep an eye out.
Swaps are great fun too, lovely way to make new friends.
Have a wonderful time in Amsterdam, I hear the tulip market is beautiful.
Luv Sophie xxxx

RosieP said...

Blog is looking really good, I'm liking this background. Have a great time in Amsterdam, I've been a couple of times, it's good fun.
Enter all the givaways and swaps you like.


Hugs RosieP x

melanie said...

Great post! Loving your blog, good luck on winning the give aways. xxx

Kissed by an Angel said...

I like this background - it looks good!! Enter any giveaway's and swaps you fancy!!! Someone always wins the giveaway prize!!! Enjoy Amsterdam, i've been there once, we had a great time!!!

Dawn said...

You always make me smile every post with coffee in hand in the morning...
Have fun in Amsterdam..take loads of pics..never been...would lurv to see the sights through your eyes..
Safe travels!

MelMel said...


Bollington is lovely...funny how quite a few of us live near each other!
They live in another bit of Macclesfield...that Barn is just a holiday let till the filming id complete....its super it!
If you fancy a meet up...let me know!

The give aways are amazing, so many wonderfully talented ladies...I've won a few over the years, some great presents.....well worth entering....

In fact I've noticed that I'm due to do one...I've over 200 readers, so I like to do one to thank ppl....
Its all good fun....I pop in something made, choccie.....something thrifted....maybe a bit of Cath.....:>) I lover her stuff, so do lots of ppl....or CK-esque goodies....mainly floral goodness!

Blogging is fun...a wonderful world of wonderful ladies!


Florence and Mary said...

It’s been fun helping you Claire!!!

I’ve been lucky enough to win a few giveaways myself so it’s def worth entering. My friend Kelly hosts one once a month at the moment.

Have fun in Amsterdam!

Victoria x