Monday, 1 March 2010

Lay a little egg for me...

Spring must be on it's way.  The days are definitely getting longer.
How do I know this?
Because my Wendy has layed 2 eggs in the last 3 days!

Next time it is a sunny day I really must get out and take some pics for you of my girls!
My girls being my 4 hens.
Sarah, Daisy, Wendy and Delia.

This poor photo is the only one I have at the moment!

Daisy on the left and Sarah on the right.
My 2 warrens who were only 19 weeks old when I bought them for £2!!!  That was 2 years ago, the hobby of having hens in your garden has taken off and now hens are being sold for much more!

I then got 2 Partridge Wyanndotte Bantams, Wendy and Heidi(RIP.)
Finally the last one added to the flock at present is Delia, she is a Cookoo Silkie.

I am determined to photograph them for you.
What a tease I am not showing you how lovely they all are.

(I just can't stop wanting to tell you about things you see. 
If you are ever to meet me, you will understand, I talk far too much!)

Wendy's  feathers are so gorgeous, when she loses any I think I shall keep them from now on, they're so detailed and a lovely colour, maybe you crafty people could think of something to do with them. 
Ideas please :-)
I may send you some.

I want to have a full egg basket of all differant colours.

NO you daft bunch!
Not like that.

More like this!

 When Delia starts to lay she will lay white eggs, the Warrens lay varing shades of brown eggs, and Wendy already lays lovely small vanilla ice cream colour eggs!

Anything that comes to live here at our house has to adapt.
It can be quite a mad house, lots of things going on and everyone living happily together alongside each other.  Sharing, obviously!  Not sure everyones hens are fed Marmite sandwiches and Vimto, even glitter dusted fairy-cakes (Mummy's favourite!) and flapjack.  We have to make extra so there is enough for everyone to have some!
Such as the rabbit.  He's called Pie!
As in Rabbit Pie?!

Sorry but come on, this is me, surely you're getting my sense of humour by now?

The boys, the hens, Pie and Toby all share the garden.
The hens are quite partial to having a go down the slide!  Even if the boys are forcibly encouraging them by carrying them up and sitting them on their knees whilst sliding down.
They just hop off and stand there thinking,
'Actually that was fun!'
 'Ere, our Sarah, come over 'ere and 'ave a go on this thing!' Clucks Daisy!

The rabbit runs about trying to mate anything that stays still long enough.

Then the cat flap, well you never know what creature is going to come through it next.
Well, I fib there a little, Toby is the only one who can actually go through it, but the hens will stand shouting through it for scraps and peck on it as if knocking on the door!

So, that is a little more about my lot.
I hope you're all getting the picture a bit more now.

So, I PROMISE to take some photo's for you.

Come on the sunshine I say!

Love C. X


Kissed by an Angel said...

Yummy scrummy really fresh laid eggs!! How lovely for you!! I'm a bit scared of chickens though!!!

RosieP said...

I love you blog, there is always something that makes me laugh, I now have a picture of the hens running up and down the slide....

Hugs RosieP x

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

...but my chickens are more like old ladies, they stand gossiping rather than attacking, please never be afraid of them. Yes the lovely fresh eggs that were collected only 15 mins ago are now being eaten for tea by my ever growing boys!

...RosieP, I'm not intent on writing humour, it's just like that when you live here, hee hee!

Thank you for your lovely lovely comments.
I love love love it!

Love C. x

Maisey's Attic said...

Hi - love your new header and background - looks very springlike.

You have a lovely way of of telling a story - made me laugh thinking about the chickens coming down the slide! Looking forward to seeing some more photos of them ...xx

Floss said...

That sounds so fun! I already love your hens, just from the one photo. I'd love to see more of them!

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. The stream isn't in our garden, although we can look out over our neighbours' gardens and fields to a stream which leads to the one in the photo. The one I featured is in what our town calls the Coulée Verte, which is a kind of 'green way' which has been preserved for leisure activities like walking, cycling, playing in the stream and jogging! We are very lucky to have it within easy walking distance. My husband has taken to jogging there and using the exercise benches every morning, and I often cycle there, then after school the boys walk the dog around it!