Friday, 26 March 2010

Little things....

I have realised a couple of things today.

1. This Cath Kidston wallpaper is £150 a roll!!!
I reckon it would be perfect in a downstairs loo, if I had one that is.
But £150 a roll? Just for the boys to wee on it?
Are you having a laugh Cath? hee hee.

2.  I am off work for 2 weeks!!!
Whoop whoop!  I didn't realise until earlier today durrr!
But then on Wednesday I was told I may not have a job in September :-(

3.  I need to buy Easter eggs before the shops sell out!
Maybe that should really say;I had best hurry up and replace
 all the Easter eggs I have eaten from the
secret stash I bought, trying to be extra organised has totally backfired!

4.  I would have cleaner eggs in the egg basket if I cleaned out the hens more often.
Very broody hens are now in a cleaner hen house after today.

Gorgeous Delia!
(shhhhh don't tell her anything to the contrary)

All of the above I have found out today.

Somethings you forget
and just need a little reminding....

5.  I love this muddy twosome!
Even though my adorable Finn was, last week, diagnosed as having ADHD
 (yes, it was a heck of a week in the emotional stakes)
I still love my little grubby mates.
(who are they trying to fool with this show of brotherly love? ha ha)


Love Claire.




Taz said...

Ah mud the unifier of us all :) (((hugs))) for you news, it's horrible when anyone tells us something we'd rather not hear about our wee one's.

Thanks for your comments and you HAVE to go see The Hairy Bikers. I will be very cross with you if you don't. It's a must to go swoon over Si and have the best laugh (that I've had in ages) I will warn you Dave's outfits are a bit suspect but it's all good and if you don't get chosen to go on stage and eat the food you will leave the theatre starving! :)

Taz said...

Oh and I think you're chicken is a cutey.


HOW MUCH!!!! £150 a roll! I'd want it stuck to the wall by a team of half naked beefy men for that price. I have to say I find her prices a bit of a rip off.

bekimarie said...

£150? No way, one of my fave prints too but I think I'll give it a miss. Although I quite like Taz' idea 'hehe' she is funny isn't she?
I've still to get my eggs but they're something else I think a rip off, would rather buy a big bar of chocolate ;)
Have a great weekend

Beki xxx

melanie said...

I am so sorry to hear about your potential job loss, and your sons condition. You have wrote a very positive post, even though these things will be getting on top of you, and I think that is wonderful. xxx

jackanne said...

Good morning Claire, I didnt see you on the tv last night "you have to be in it to win it" xx Your boys are cute and muddy just as they should be! lifes a challenge sometimes and knocks us back again and again but be strong we are all here for you dont forget! if i lived nearer i would come and give you big supporting hugs but i will send you some instead. HUGS XX

Emma said...

Gosh £150 for a roll of wallpaper Hmmm.. I like the cowboy one it's a lot lot cheaper.
I don't buy Easter egg's till the last minute, because I end up eating them all.

Florence and Mary said...

Did you watch Dorothy last night? I really enjoyed it, seemed much better than X Factor etc with the panel being involved etc.

I love one of CK's wallpapers but at £150 I don't think I'll be purchasing it!

Have a great weekend

Victoria xx

Maisey's Attic said...

Hi Claire - I love this photo of your boys - they are gorgeous - My younger son is a Finley, but gets called Finn ! - Last week must have been hard for you. When Finley was diagnosed with diabetes, I was so upset - still annoys me that he has it, but it's under control, and we're not constantly thinking/talking about it. I'm sure this will be the same for Finn.
Your posts always make me laugh - Sending you and the boys lots of hugs - xxx

Kissed by an Angel said...

Not having the CK wallpaper then!!!! It is very pricy!!! Your little ones look sweet!!!! How great having chickens!! Lovely fresh eggs!!! Yum!

VintageVicki said...

Hurrah - another Mum with 2 boys.

Love your comment about the wallpaper - why can't boys just aim better or is it somesort of lifetime contest - who can pee the highest??

Mindi said...

Just found your blog and had to let you know that I have 2 boys as well... one of them being named Finn! :)