Monday, 15 March 2010

Snotty Mummy Day...

Being a dedicated follower of fashion,
I have found myself this week under the weather with
a common cold!
Not even a posh one!

I think I should have shares in these....

Anyhow, it stopped my trip to see Erica James ( :-( I was in bed)  it got gradually worse,
and the boys got used to seeing me surrounded by tissues and having a
big red hooter! 
My lovely Mum though insisted we went round for Sunday lunch yesterday,
so after we cancelled mini rugby, sorry boys,
we went to the parents house and gave my fabby Mummy her presents.

We gave her...

Glittery fairy cakes!

Now I was going to be sneaky,
saying how we had been baking together like good families do,
but alas not!

How could i lie to you?

They were bought from Sainsbuys, ready to ice, for 99p!
If it makes you feel better they tasted horrid!
I didn't tell the boys that though, bless 'em.
(they had full control over the colours I have to add! ugh!)

I also bought her....

My garden has 2 lovely bushes of hydrangea,
and as you know, my house used to be my Mum's family home,
so I thought she may like her own again.


This DVD.
It is a running joke about how my Dad has sport on ALL the TVs in the house,
so I have started getting films for her to watch, and ones that we can share!

So although her pressies didn't break the bank, I had tried to think of things that were just for her, not for the house and not just for the sake of it.  

Although, I add,
 my choices may have been better if I hadn't had such a big red nose!
Yes, back to chatting about me now ha ha!

My fabby Mum had organised things for the boys to give to me,
secret whisperings down the phone last week, led to shouts of
'Don't come in, not yet'

So even though, that morning,
when I was given a beautiful painting and poem by one son,
an IOU and 'I left it in my tray at school Mummy!!!' by the other son.
(all at 6.15AM!!! On a Sunday!!!)

I was cheered up greatly when I was given....


And the card,
the one left in the tray...

It made it eventually!

And my red hooter?.....

It is a little calmer, if I stand in the shade!

Love Claire. xxx

P.S. Please don't think of thoughts about me trying to
 dig for sympathy with this post, snot is snot, we all have it!
Hee hee! x


Kissed by an Angel said...

What a shame you,ve been so poorly!!! Hope your are on the mend now!! I hate feeling ill!!! Still your bought your mum some great pressies, I love hydrangeas and Julie and Julia is a fabulous film (I got told off for buying it for myself this week)! You also received some great pressies even if it was a tad early!!!

bekimarie said...

I have Julie and Julia, really looking forward to watching it :)
I can fully sympathise with your Mum, my OH constantly has the sport on and if the little man insists on watching CBeebies, he'll put sport on in the bedroom. I've now told him the bedroom is mine and he can fight it out with the little man 'hehe'.

Beki xxx

Florence and Mary said...

Great minds Claire, I got my mum Julie and Julia for Mother's Day! AND my dad is always watching the sports channels too and she's sitting upstairs watching tv

Victoria xx

Maisey's Attic said...

Your posts always make me laugh - all sounds so familiar ... must be the two boys thing. Thankyou for your lovely Mothers Day comment -
Hope you're feeling better - xxx

Kelly said...

Hope you feel better soon! I bought my Mum that DVD ans she promptly went out to buy it herself (and told me proudly afterwards!)
My Dand watches what is commonly referred to as crap! Me and mum sneak upstairs to watch telly in her bed :) nice and cozy!

Ma Larkin said...

Homemade cards are the best. I keep mine forever.
Get well soon.

melanie said...

Poor you! This cold that is going around is awful, I am only just recovering myself. Get well soon.
Your mams pressies are lovely, I bet she loved them, and your pressies are so thoughtful. xxxx