Friday, 15 October 2010

Dotty Love!

 Have a gander at what Mr Postman brought me this morning!

How gorgeous is THAT?!

Plus, it was a lovely
surprise from the little Pocket Polly herself

When we went camping together earlier in the year,
Em's beady eye noticed my lovely coffee cup.
So when she returned home,
Em went off and bought herself one.
We often have a chat together whilst drinking our morning coffees
in our matching
Laura Ashley
Red Polka Dot Cups.
You would never know that we are
miles and miles away from each other!

What I didn't know is that Em also bought this beautiful jug too.
For little old me!

Popped down inside the jug was
some more scrummy lovelies.
A beautiful little felt house,
some cutie red apple buttons,
some GOLD
and some red gingham and trim!

Is this my hint to get stitching Mrs Shabbyshack?

I absolutely LOVED it,
not just because you have bought me
such beautiful and thoughtful things,
but because I fancy the pants off the Postman
and was able to answer the door in my skimpy nightwear!

I LIE!!!!
ha ha ha
He met me with wild hair, yesterdays make-up on,
my wellies and jumper pulled on over my jim-jams
and covered in dog hairs!!!
Well, that's how I roll these days,
kick the gruesome twosome out at the school gates,
dash to the field for Baz to have a waz,
then back home for my polka dot coffee bread with my
beautiful and gorgeous little friend.

Now I can do all of that whilst looking at my fabby jug too!
Thank you Emma. X 

Love Claire. x


♥coco rose♥ said...

Lucky, lucky you! Em is really rather lovely isn't she!

Have a super weekend!

Vanessa xxxxx

A Treasured Past said...

What a lovely surprise Claire, the jug is a beauty. You made me laugh with the postie comments, at least he has seen you in your more casual attire..he he. Tamara x

Poppy said...

Hello you, that would look just right in my kitchen! I have taken some pictures this morning, if I get a chance to do a post tonight you will be able to see.

What a lovely gift from Em!

Lou xxx

PS. I love reading blogs when I should be working!

winnibriggs said...

Brilliant, just brilliant and of course I can now imagine you up to all your antics! Em is fab isn't she and your gifts just gorgeous.
Jenny x

Twiggy said...

Oooo very pretty. I like the sound of your morning outfit too :)
Twiggy x

bekimarie said...

Lucky you, what an absolute darling Polly Pocket is!
Have already messaged her about the felt house cos I really really need one ;) it is gorgeous!

B xxx

delia hornbook said...

LOL your description of meeting the postman made me laugh out loud ;-) Beautiful goodies i have the same jug my friend bought it for my birthday last year its so lovely. Enjoy yours. Have a lovely weekend. Dee ;-) x

bellaboo said...

Has your postman recovered from the shock..only joking!
I'm a spotty girl too so I'm loving your new jug(I have smaller one)...and all the contents.
Have a great weekend. :o)

Murphyfish said...

Ah ye sound a vision of loveliness for your postman's gaze to fall upon ;-) Great post Claire, friends like Em are to be treasured.

Pea Green Kitty said...

Thats really thoughtful and swet of Em, You must be a treasured freind.
Great taste too by the way! I just bought a very similar jug from Whittards, SNAP!


moschops said...

Love the spottiness! Its so you. What a lovely suprise pressie!! xx

Emma said...

The postie might like wild women who wear pink wellies ;) TLPP xxx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

:-) fab surprise gift! I am glad it is not only me who meets the postman like that.

Country Girl said...

I guess most posties have seen worse sights in their time!
Lovely spotty jug and I also love that little felt house.
What a kind friend.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Lucky thing :) Your Holly Hobbie brings back such sweet memories. My sister and I shared a room for years and our room was decorated with them. So sweet~