Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Hidden Treasure!

Now then,
do I admit to not having any curtains since
my lounge was decorated in the Summer holidays,
or do I just pretend I've changed them???

I guess that just gave the game away!
Hee hee.

Well I have my reasons,
I couldn't decide on what fabric to have.

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by the
amount of lovely fabric in shops these days?

Bit of a daft question...
All the time I bet.

So it was no wonder that I was
back and forth with huge big
rolls of fabric, trying to choose
which type, shade and pattern to have.

In the end I gave up and slummed it
by having none for a while,
until that is,
I remembered that I had these...

I made these years ago for Finn's bedroom,
but took them down in favour of the blind he has in there now.

this is how I have been for the last month!

...and now!

I just tried them and couldn't believe how much I love them!
So I have left them up,
Shhhhh...don't tell my Mum.

The colours are perfect,
just what I wanted all along.
Bright and colourful
but warm and cosy too.
The fabric was very expensive when I bought it,
hence why I kept them.
There's wool in it, not sure of the 100% but
the lounge is toastie and warm now.

Hope you like them too.

Frugality at it's best eh?
I wonder what other treasures I've forgotten about!

Love Claire. x


Emma said...

Are you on a bloggerthon?
The curtains look really good.
It makes you realise that keeping things is a very good idea.
I also spied a very nice clock in the background too...Em xxx

♥coco rose♥ said...

Oooh they look rather nice! Lovely and cosy too! I hate deciding on curtains. Our windows are so blimmin' big that it costs a fortune to change them, and I hate the idea of being stuck with something I fall out of love with quickly! I know if I take mine down, I will be without any for years! ha ha! Have a great day! xxxxxxxxxxx

bekimarie said...

They look lovely hun, clever you :)
Love the fabric, very cozy looking much better than the yucky very modern ones we have up (not my choice)

B xxx

VintageVicki said...

They look proper snuggly winter curtains - love the colours :)

The only treasures I've found today are enough fabrics in my stash to start planning a christmas pressie for a sister :)

bellaboo said...

As my mother would say..'don't throw anything away,you never know when you're going to need it!'
The curtains look great! I love checks.I still have the curtains up in the bedroom I bought from our old house 12 years ago! When I found out I would need 13 metres of fabric for new ones I thought, ok... I can live with the old ones a bit longer! :o)

moschops said...

No point ironing them lovey - the creases will drop out. :-)

Love the material! xx

vintage mum said...

Thrifing at its best I had a good rummage in the loft at weekend and found loads of things I forgot I had
ps champers is on ice :)
Cate x

delia hornbook said...

lovely cozy curtains, i love it when that happens and you find something you had forgotton you had. Dee x

Alijane said...

Curtains look fab, I do love a good check.

Well done a real recession busting effort!


Pene said...

Don't worry I moved into this house 5 yrs ago and still don't have any in my bedroom!! G did put up a blackout blind eventually but still no curtains.
Pene x

Poppy said...

They look lovely! It must feel really cosy in there now, just in time for the Christmas tree! ;-)
Lou xxx

Florence and Mary said...

Don't worry I haven't got one curtain hanging in my place... even my shower curtain has fallen down!!

Victoria xx