Sunday, 24 October 2010

My dear old little red hen is poorly sick.

Please forgive me for this not so cheerful post.

Being glum is not something I usually
put on my blog.

But this evening I am feeling ever so sad.

My sweet dear Daisy,
my adorable little old lady
is so poorly.

The big coop in the sky is calling her.


She would follow me around the garden like my little shadow.
Lie with me on a blanket when the sunshine shone,
and chat away telling me all sorts of tales of the hen house.

This little red hen
along with Sarah my other old girl,
was the first hen I got.

So easy to care for,
never causing any problem.

Enjoying the odd adventure into the
neighbours gardens,
but always winning them over with her little conversations
at their back door.

Laid lovely big eggs everyday for years,
not even missing a day during the snow days, when she couldn't
get out of the coop for the foot of snow that blocked her door.

Please let her fly up to heaven,
and save me a deed I am not strong enough for.

Take her peacefully and softly
whilst she is snuggled in with the
fresh new sweet smelling straw
in her cosy little bed,
her best friend Sarah by her side.


Amen. xxx

(oh dear, does anyone have a tissue? ...sniff sniff)


bekimarie said...

Awwww hunni you have Me filling up here.
Really hope she goes peacefully!

Love and ((hugs))

B xxx

Poppy said...

I’m sat here with a tears running down my face. I hope Daisy is in heaven very soon.

Take care and big hugs are being sent your way!

Lou xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Hello lovely, sorry to hear your sad news, I'm filling up too.
I hope she goes peacefully as you wish.
Big Hug, Luv Sophie xxx

Pene said...

That is so strange I have a dog called daisy and she's poorly!! She's hurt her foot and can't walk properly, not as poorly as your daisy I think. Hope yours falls asleep and drifts away peacefully I'm sure she's had a wonderful life with you.
Pene x

bellaboo said...

So sorry hun,what a lovely tribute to dear Daisy.Feel so sad for you all.May the end be peaceful.Hugs and X's.

vintage mum said...

poor Daisy it's horrible when animals go, I cried for days when my ducks went.
hugs Cate x

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

Poor Daisy, but she will float off on her big puffy cloud knowing she is much loved - not many chickens can say that. xxx

~ Melissa said...

So sorry about your lovely feathered friend. I hope she falls asleep warm and happy in her nest, and wakes in the Big Hen House in the Sky. Hugz!

delia hornbook said...

awwww im so sorry i have shed a tear over this post. I hope she sleeps peacefully for you. Beautiful memories you will carry with you always. May the strengh it took to write your post stay with you.Hugs Dee x

moschops said...

Awwww babes. Daisy is very lucky to have you. She is a beautiful lady and I really hope that this morning she has gone to the great hen house in the sky.

Thinking of you. xxx

MelMel said...

Hi there, I'm so sad to read about your lovely hen, so sad.....hope she goes peacefully in her sleep....

Helen said...

Hi there sorry to hear your sad news . I do hope Daisy goes peacefully to the hen house in the sky , big hugs (Cwtches )from us in Wales XXX lots of love Helen XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Scented Sweetpeas said...

I hope she has left you in the morning to save you worrying about her :-( I hate it when my chicks are ill as I can't bare to think of the feeling poorly, Mr Sweetpea has to do the deed but he finds it hard to do :-( Virtual hugs to her and you. x

Nana Go-Go said...

Oh Dear, Poor Daisy - how is she today? I spoke to the chickens at work today when I went to collect their eggs and they said to send her their chickie hugs and it would be eggsellent to hear any news on her condition.

Alexandra Mason said...

So sorry to hear about Daisy! xx

Shachar said...

Oy Hun.... :-( So sorry to hear Miss Daisy is not well. Thoughts and Hugs from across the pond to you. xo

Pea Green Kitty said...

Oh that is so sad, Poor Daisy.
I hope she is taken to heaven peacefully and soon.
Sending you love and hugs

VintageVicki said...

:( so sad - poor Daisy (and you).

BTW when you have time - there's a tag on my blog for you.

Country Girl said...

How sad, sorry to hear that.

Florence and Mary said...

Big hugs,

Victoria xx